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Custom Oreos: The Ultimate Guide to Personalized Cookies

Oreos are one of America’s favorite cookies, known for their iconic chocolate wafers and sweet creme filling. While Oreos have been enjoyed in their classic form for over a century, a new customization service called OREOiD now allows you to put your own creative spin on these classic sandwich cookies. With OREOiD, you can customize everything from the creme-filling color to the design printed on the cookies.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about ordering and designing your own custom Oreos for a fun treat, party favor, or personalized gift.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Custom Oreos allow you to personalize every component of the cookie from the filling color to the outer design, making them perfect for special occasions and gifts.
  • The OREOiD website provides an easy way to order custom Oreos, with options like custom filling colors, flavors, photos, text, and packaging.
  • Popular custom Oreo themes include weddings, birthdays, holidays, pet photos, and business branding.
  • Custom Oreos make great gifts for parties, weddings, holidays, and birthdays when paired with coordinating packaging and designs.
  • While pricier than regular Oreos, custom Oreos provide a fun, creative way to elevate an everyday snack into something personal.

Selecting Your Oreo Base

The first step in creating your custom Oreos is choosing whether you want to customize the classic Oreo or Oreo Thins.

Classic Oreo

The traditional Oreo cookie has been around since 1912. These oreos feature two chocolate wafers with a sweet vanilla creme filling in between. The classic Oreo is perfect if you’re looking to fully customize the creme filling and print designs on a larger surface area.

Oreo Thins

Oreo Thins were introduced in 2015 and feature a slimmer profile with less creme filling. The thinner cookies have a more delicate, crispy texture. Oreo Thins allow you to add a pop of color and print small designs while maintaining a lighter, snackable treat.

Customizing the Creme Filling

One of the best parts about OREOiD is getting to choose fun colors and flavors for the creme filling.

Rainbow Creme

For a festive and colorful creme option, choose the rainbow creme filling. This features the classic vanilla creme with rainbow flecks and confetti sprinkled throughout. It’s a fun choice for Pride Month, birthday parties, or any colorful celebration.

Flavored Cremes

Beyond rainbow creme, OREOiD offers creme fillings in eight different colors: pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and classic white. The colored creme maintains the traditional sweet vanilla Oreo taste.

You can also choose a cake flavored creme in white or rainbow colors. The cake creme features a sweeter, sugary flavor reminiscent of birthday cake frosting.

Creme Color Combinations

Get creative by selecting two or more creme colors in your custom Oreo order. For example, red and green cremes would be perfect for Christmas cookies. You can mix and match any of the eight colors for sweet color-blocked cremes.

Dipping Your Oreos in Chocolate

For an extra indulgent treat, choose to have your custom Oreos dipped in chocolate before shipping.

Types of Chocolate

OREOiD offers two chocolate dip options. You can choose the classic chocolate fudge dip with rich dark chocolate flavor. Or go for the sweeter white fudge dip coating made with creamy white chocolate.

Chocolate Drizzle Designs

Select your desired chocolate drizzle design for an artistic touch. Options include stripes, zig zags, polka dots, and criss cross patterns applied over the top of the chocolate coating. This adds visual interest and makes the Oreos look professionally decorated.

Chocolate and Creme Color Pairings

When choosing both a creme filling color and chocolate drizzle, select complementary colors for a gourmet appearance. For example, creme fillings in pastel blue, pink and green pair nicely with a white chocolate drizzle. Vibrant red or orange cremes pop against the dark chocolate dip.

Custom Cookie Designs

The OREOiD customization really lets your creativity shine through the printed designs.


For a meaningful personal gift, upload a photo to be printed on your Oreos. This can be a picture of a loved one, pet, favorite place, etc. Just make sure to choose a high-resolution image with good lighting. Close-up portraits tend to print best.

The site then offers you a chance to add a picture. OreoiD recommends uploading an image that has a minimalistic background with the subject in close range. They do warn that distant subjects and landscape images do not print well. With that in mind, I chose a close-up picture of my cat doing one of his favorite things: yelling. He is typically a biter and not a scratcher, so using his image on my Oreos gives me a chance to finally bite him back for once. Now who’s going to crunch like a pickle?!


Add custom text like a name, monogram, or short phrase. This can commemorate a special event like a birthday, graduation, or wedding. Choose your font, color, and text placement.


Print a company logo, school crest, or personal emblem on your custom cookies. This is a great idea for corporate gifts, school fundraisers, sports teams, and more.

Themed Designs

Browse OREOiD’s selection of colorful themed designs perfect for any occasion. Options include birthday cakes, flowers, rainbows, balloons, winter holiday images, and more.

Color Combinations

When adding a custom design, choose coordinating colors and patterns that complement your creme filling and chocolate drizzle. For example, opt for bright primary colors with the rainbow creme or pastels with a white chocolate drizzle.

Special Packaging

OREOiD offers fun packaging to showcase your customized cookies.

Standard Box

The classic Oreo packaging works well for large custom orders. The cookies are neatly packed in rows within a cylindrical cardboard box. This economical option is ideal for parties, events, and gifts with 20 or more Oreos.

Window Box

For smaller orders, choose the compact window box gift packaging. This specially designed box features a viewing window to showcase a single Oreo inside. It’s perfect for displaying one impressive custom cookie.

Rainbow Box

For Pride month celebrations, birthday gifts, or any colorful occasion, upgrade to the rainbow gift box. The keepsake packaging features a spectrum of rainbow colors with a viewing window on top.

Custom Tins

For a personalized packaging touch, you can provide your own custom tins. Fill festive holiday cookie tins, college branded tins, or any specialty container with your customized Oreos.

Ordering Your Custom Oreos

Ordering your OREOiDs is quick and convenient online.

Minimums and Pricing

The minimum quantity is 20 cookies. Pricing starts at $2.50 per cookie when you order 20. The more you order, the lower the per cookie cost. Order 60 or more custom Oreos for just over $2 each.

Turnaround Time

After designing your cookies, allow 2-4 weeks production time. Rush shipping is available for an additional fee.


OREOiD ships within the United States. Make sure your recipient’s address is eligible for delivery before ordering.

With endless customization combos and design options, OREOiD allows you to put a personal spin on the iconic Oreo treat. Create one-of-a-kind cookies for any occasion, gift, or party with this unique customization service.

Unique Flavor Combinations

One of the best parts of custom Oreos is getting to dream up fun and unique flavor combinations. While the classic Oreo is hard to beat, customizing the creme filling and cookie base allows you to make tantalizing oreo-inspired treats.

Cookies and Cream Oreos

For the ultimate cookies and cream experience, order chocolate Oreo cookies with sweet white creme. Dip the cookies in white chocolate for a dessert lover’s dream.

S’mores Oreos

Channel the classic campfire treat with graham cracker Oreos sandwiching marshmallow creme. Coat the outer rim of the cookies in melted chocolate for s’mores in Oreo form.

PB&J Oreos

Go for a nostalgic flavor with chocolate cookies and grape jelly creme. Or make it a twist on the classic with peanut butter creme between vanilla cookies. Dip in chocolate and roll the edges in chopped peanuts.

Funfetti Oreos

Birthday cake Oreo cookies with rainbow sprinkles in the creme take funfetti flavor to the next level. White chocolate drizzle adds the perfect final festive touch.

Neapolitan Oreos

This custom Oreo is inspired by the classic ice cream flavor. Use chocolate, strawberry and vanilla creme segments to create the ultimate flavor trifecta.

The flavor combinations are endless with OREOiD. Get creative with custom cookies that put a unique twist on the Oreo’s iconic taste.

Utilizing Custom Oreos for Weddings

Custom Oreos offer couples a fun, edible way to incorporate their personalities and wedding details into their big day. From favors to decor, here are creative ways to use personalized Oreos at your wedding.

Custom Favors

Welcome guests to your wedding with customized Oreos in your wedding colors. Print names, numbers, or the date for unique party favors your guests can eat and enjoy.

Colorful Centerpieces

Incorporate custom cookies into your centerpieces. Prop up clear boxes filled with vibrant creme Oreos among your flowers and candles.

Creative Signage

Use custom Oreos to direct guests or label sections of your reception. Spell out table assignments in Oreos or make a customized “Mr. & Mrs.” sign.

Fun Dessert Display

Show off your custom designs by adding Oreos to your dessert spread. Coordinate with your wedding cake flavors and decor.

Playful Photo Booth Props

Let guests snap silly pictures posing with your custom cookies. Print fun messages or inside jokes.

With so many possibilities, OREOiD makes it easy to bring personal flair to your wedding day treats.

Throwing an Oreo-themed Party

Take your love of Oreos to the next level by throwing an Oreo-themed party. With decorations, activities, and treats featuring the iconic cookie, it’s sure to be an event guests won’t forget.


Set the tone from the start with customized Oreo invitations. Print party details on Oreo-shaped cards for a quirky introduction.

Oreo-inspired Food and Drinks

Get creative with Oreo milkshakes, Oreo truffles, cookies & creme cupcakes, dirt pudding cups, and other treats featuring the cookie. Set up a DIY Oreo bar with various toppings and fillings.


Deck out your space with Oreo-printed balloons, streamers, confetti, and posters. Use black, white, and blue colors to match the cookie’s classic packaging.


Plan some Oreo-themed games and activities. Activities can include Oreo stacking contests, cookie decorating, Oreo tasting challenges, and Oreo trivia.


Send guests home with customizable Oreos in fun flavors and designs. They make the perfect edible party favor.

Let your creativity run wild designing every detail from your custom Oreo invitations to activities. An Oreo party is sure to impress cookie lovers of all ages.

How OREOiD Benefits the Oreo Brand

Oreo’s OREOiD customization experience provides unique benefits beyond just selling premium customized cookies. Offering personalized Oreos can strategically benefit Oreo and parent company Mondelez International in several ways.

Consumer Data

The OREOiD experience requires customers to create an account and provide contact information. This allows Oreo to collect user data including names, addresses, and purchase activity. These insights help Oreo better understand their customers.

Increased Revenue

With custom Oreos priced significantly higher than classic Oreos, the personalized cookies provide a way to generate more revenue from existing products. Unique customization also helps justify higher pricing.

Enhanced Loyalty

Allowing customers to put their own creative spin on Oreos fosters a stronger connection between consumers and the brand. The customization makes each cookie more memorable and personal for the buyer.

Brand Exposure

As custom cookie recipients show off their unique Oreo designs on social media, it provides free marketing exposure for Oreo. Customization stimulates social shares and word-of-mouth buzz.

Gift Appeal

The shareable online designs and special packaging make customized Oreos a popular gift item for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions year-round. This expands sales opportunities.

OREOiD’s custom cookies offer business perks beyond just fulfilling customer demand for personalized treats. The branded customization experience strategically benefits Oreo in multiple ways as part of Mondelez’s digital innovation.

Customization in the Snack Industry

Oreo is not the only snack brand venturing into customization. Many popular chips, candies, and treats now offer personalized packaging or products. Here are some examples of customization from other players in the snack food industry.


Mars allows you to order personalized M&Ms printed with custom designs, colors, and text. Popular for weddings and corporate events.


Doritos Unlock Xbox Promo allowed people to create custom 3D-printed Doritos bags featuring your gamertag and avatar.

Frito-Lay Variety Packs

Choose your own customized Frito-Lay combo pack with your favorite chip flavors. Sold on the Frito-Lay website.


Nutella’s Jar Creator Experience allows you to customize Nutella jar labels for gifts. Add a name, photo, text, and designs.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

Goldfish Crackers offers personalized bags printed with your child’s name and designs for a special treat.

Hershey’s Kisses

Order customized Hershey’s Kisses with your own photo and text printed on the chocolates.

Creative customization campaigns from cookie, chip, and candy brands add a unique spin on snacking. The personalized touch caters perfectly to consumer trends.

Tips for Ordering Custom Oreos

Ordering customized Oreos for the first time? Here are some handy tips and tricks to ensure your custom cookies turn out picture-perfect.

Choose High Resolution Images

Upload the highest resolution photos possible for best print quality. Avoid pixelated images.

Keep Text Brief

One to two lines of text print best on the cookies. Avoid lengthy paragraphs.

Review the Proof

Carefully review your design proof before approving your order. Make sure all details are accurate.

Mind the Quantity

Remember, the minimum quantity is 20 custom oreos cookies. Price per cookie drops significantly at higher quantities.

Factor in Shipping Time

Standard production plus shipping is 2-4 weeks. Order well in advance for parties and holidays.

Double Check Info

Verify your recipient’s shipping address and delivery timeframe. Make sure your gift will arrive on schedule.

Pick Complementary Colors

Match your design colors to your creme and chocolate selections for a cohesive look.

Get Inspired

Browse the OREOiD design gallery for endless inspiration on custom designs.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to order charming customized cookies suited to any occasion.

Making Homemade Custom Oreos

OREOiD makes ordering customized Oreos online easy. But if you’re feeling crafty, you can also create DIY custom creme-filled cookies at home. Here’s an overview of how to make homemade Oreo-style treats with your own designs.

Choose a Cookie Base

Select a chocolate cookie recipe to mimic the Oreo wafer, or use store bought cookies. Chewy chocolate cookies work well.

Make the Creme Filling

The filling can be as simple as vanilla buttercream. For authentic flavor, use Oreo creme filling from store-bought cookies.

Tint the Filling

Stir food coloring into the creme to tint it any color you’d like. Add rainbow sprinkles too.

Assemble the Cookies

Use a piping bag to pipe filling onto half of your cookies. Top with the other cookie halves to make sandwiches.

Decorate the Cookies

Use icing pens, edible ink printers, chocolate, sprinkles, etc. to decorate your homemade Oreos.

Package Cookies

Arrange decorated custom cookies in a gift box or festive tin for gifting or serve them on a decorative platter.

With the right ingredients and tools, it’s fun to DIY the entire custom Oreo-making process yourself at home.

Oreo Designs for Different Occasions

One of the best things about custom Oreos is that they work for almost any occasion. The custom designs can be tailored to match different holidays, parties, events, and themes.

Birthday Oreos

Choose birthday cake creme with rainbow sprinkles. Add the birthday person’s name, age, or fun text like “Party Animal.”

Christmas Oreos

Red and green creme colors with images of trees, wreaths, snowflakes or Santa. A sweet holiday custom Oreos treat.

Wedding Oreos

Print the bride and groom’s names, wedding date, or custom text like “Just Married” to celebrate the occasion.

Graduation Oreos

Celebrate the grad with school colors on the cookies along with custom congrats messages.

Game Day Oreos

Show team spirit with team logos and colors printed on the cookies. A tasty game day snack.

Thank You, Oreos

Express gratitude with custom messages like “Thanks a Bunch!” Drawings of flowers or hearts make them extra sweet.

The possibilities are endless when creating the perfect custom cookies for your event or holiday. A personalized Oreo is sure to impress!

Customizing Oreos for Corporate Gifts

Custom Oreos make memorable and unique corporate gifts. Adding a company name, logo, or message makes them perfect for clients, employees, and professional events.

Client Gifts

Print your company name and the client’s name for a personalized gift showing your appreciation for their business. Include a thank you note.

Welcome Gifts

New hires will feel special receiving custom Oreos at their welcome party or first day. Add employee names and start dates.

Branded Swag

Incorporate brand colors and your logo into Oreo designs. Give them at conferences, trade shows, and company meetings.

Retirement Parties

Bid retirees farewell with custom Oreos. Include retirement dates or fun messages like “You OREOtastic!”


How do you order custom Oreos?

You can order custom Oreos through the OREOiD website, where you select from different customization options and upload photos.

How much do custom Oreos cost?

Custom Oreos range from $2-$5 per cookie depending on the extent of customization, with more basic options like colored filling starting around $2 per cookie.

Can you customize the Oreo flavor too?

Yes, you can choose between the original Oreo flavor or a birthday cake flavor for the creme filling when customizing your order.

How long does it take to receive your custom Oreos?

Custom Oreos are made to order and shipped directly to you. Delivery time frames vary but are typically 1-2 weeks.

What are some popular themes for custom Oreos?

Some top themes for custom designs include weddings, birthdays, holidays, pet photos, sports teams, and business branding.

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