There are many vegan recipes books on the market… but this book is different!

Vegan Beauty Makeover demonstrates how you can get a significant improvement in your skin, hair and body in only 30 days. It’s made with veganism and ethics in mind, so ideal for those of us who want to keep our methods and products cruelty-free. The author, Reut Barak, is an expert in raw veganism and health, so perfectly placed to impart some much-needed wisdom. vegan beauty makeover book cover

The book begins with a shopping list, so you can order products or food ahead, and have them ready to use. This is great if you want to plan out the 30 days, calculate how much money you need to spend, and what you’ll require on different days. Perfect for organisational freaks like me who like to be prepared! It’s actually quite exciting getting the bits and pieces together.

As I went through the steps, it was clear to see that this makeover would suit anybody. There are some fantastic action points around natural beauty for people who are already big enthusiasts and have a good regimen. And for those like me, who are very minimal with their skin and hair routine, it’s not overwhelming or time-intensive. I personally found it very easy to follow.

My favourite thing about this book?

What I loved the most is how there’s an easy section for each day of the 30 days. Every day has a few pages to read over, and something new to complete. And it’s all completely achievable, too! These are action steps that you can quickly get your head around, and implement around work or other commitments. Day 1 for example, simply involves a toxic-free shower and self-massage. Once you’ve completed Day 30, there’s a vegan celebration and an incredible sense of achievement!

So what are these daily steps exactly? Well, you’ll have to get the book to find out! But to give you an insight, there are learnings around relaxation, natural skincare, detoxing, eyebrow care, and self-love – amongst many others of course. It strikes a good balance between doing and reflecting.

vegan beauty makeover book cover

Ending the book are some great recipes to get your body glowing from the inside out. Some are what you might expect, such as smoothies and salads, but there are also nice surprises such as noodles, sushi and wraps. You have to try out the  ‘mega sushi’ when you’ve been through the book – highly recommended!

Personally, I’d highly recommend getting the paperback copy of Vegan Beauty Makeover rather than an online or kindle edition. Some of the days, such as self-love, have spaces for you to write thoughts such as ‘what am I grateful for today?’ and it’s really insightful to go back and look at what you’ve written.

The book is also very conversational, as if you’re getting advice from a friend, rather than sticking to a strict regimen. This makes it easier to follow and enjoyable to go through – Reut is very friendly and personable, so it makes each step a joy to go through.

You can grab your own copy of Vegan Beauty Makeover right here on Amazon. Reut Barak also has her own website that is worth a look!


Book blurb for info: “Welcome to 30-day vegan beauty makeover with recipes: a month of learning how to take great care of yourself and your body. You will learn how your body works, how to take care of it and protect it, how to detox, which herbs to use to rebuilding inner tissue, how to combine your foods, and the four ways to cleanse the body. You’ll get new great routines for taking care of your skin, hair, nails, eyebrows and teeth. Your wardrobe will get a makeover, you’ll learn how to wear makeup that makes you glow, and you’ll even make your own blend of essential oils. You’ll do self-esteem and self-awareness exercises. And, you’ll get 13 new smoothie, salad, noodles, wraps, soup and sushi recipes to make and share with people you love!”

Enjoy! And if you buy it, let me know what you thought. I’d love to know.

NB: I received a free copy of ‘Vegan Beauty Makeover’ in exchange for an honest review. I hope you like it!