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We just had to give Feature of the Month to the lovely Vegan Kind, the UK’s most popular subscription box for vegans. Their aim is to make a vegan lifestyle as accessible to as many people as possible. And what’s easier than having goodies sent straight to your door?

The concept is simple. You simply choose what kind of box you want to receive, decide how often you want it (or as a one-time purchase), and purchase! The postman will deliver it straight to your door.

There’s a reason why so many of their boxes sell! They’re fantastic value, there’s no monthly contract, and you can order them as a one-off or periodical basis. I particularly wanted to give them a mention on Learner Vegan, as they are a great way for new vegans to discover brands and products on a trial basis.

Let’s have a look at their products in more depth.

The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Boxthe vegan kind veganuary lifestyle box

I’ve been fortunate enough to have their lifestyle box a few times now, and have never been disappointed. As a long-time vegan, there have been brands and products included that even I’ve never bought before! Always included in the box are: treats such as chocolate, healthy snacks such as flavoured nuts or protein bars, and an inedible lifestyle product such as toothbrushes, shampoo or cookbooks. They also include a recipe card every time to get your creative chef juices flowing!

Take a look at January’s box in collaboration with Veganuary (right). It cost £10 and included 8 items, including a shampoo! What a bargain. They also guarantee that the products in the box are sold to you at below RRP. As a first-time buyer, you can also get £5 off your first box – just click our link and enter the code VEGAN. A little bird told me that they also reward long-term subscribers (especially on month 6 of buying!) so it pays to stay loyal.

10p from each box is designated to a chosen charity every month – so no excuse not to buy one!

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

If you’re into ethical, cruelty-free beauty, this one is for you. For £15 

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

per box (they generally provide one every 2 months, rather than monthly, so you have a chance to test every product), you get around 6 beauty products that are 100% vegan. This can include products such as perfume, moisturiser, lip balm, oils and makeup, plus they guarantee you won’t receive the same product twice too.

As with the lifestyle box, you can also get £5 off your first order, making that initial purchase an absolute steal. Again, just click our link and enter the code VEGAN. I’ve seen high-quality brands such as Natura and Memi in previous boxes, so you can be sure it’s worth the investment.

I love the fact that 20p from every beauty box sold goes to the charity Animal Free Research UK.

The Vegan Kind Supermarket

If surprise subscription boxes are not your thing, they also have a supermarket online. This can be used for ordering standard food and drink such as bread, chocolate, meat substitutes and alcohol. However, they also have health and beauty products, clothing, bags, gifts, cards, pet food, and books.

Unlike many online vegan stores, The Vegan Kind also provide chilled foods such as burgers and tofu. There’s even a discount section for you frugal folks. For example, they currently have seitan pieces for £2.29, ham-style slices for £1.35 and organic superbars for 49p.

Nice little touches are a 1-hour delivery slot given to you on the day it’s due, next day delivery, and FREE shipping plus an extra product for orders over £60. Reward points for repeat customers are also available.

I hope you enjoyed your introduction to The Vegan Kind!

At Learner Vegan, we’ll be reviewing one of their boxes this month too, so watch out for that post! If you try any Vegan Kind products, do let us know!




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