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9 Best Vegan Recipes Book You Need in Your Kitchen

The rising popularity of veganism is undeniable, with a significant surge in people adopting plant-based diets. While only 3% of U.S. adults identify as strictly vegan, according to the Pew Research Center, a growing trend among younger generations towards incorporating more plant-based recipes into their diets is growing. Integrating vegan recipes into your weekly meal plan is an excellent way to broaden your culinary horizons and explore innovative ways to utilize fresh produce.

Whether you’re just starting out in the kitchen or a culinary expert, these 9 best vegan recipes book on our list offer a wide array of recipes catering to diverse tastes and skill levels. These books provide everything from veganized traditional soul food to contemporary takes on global cuisine, making them perfect tools for anyone looking to enrich their cooking experience while adhering to a more ethical and health-conscious lifestyle. 

#1 Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes by Bryant Terry 

This cookbook takes you on a culinary adventure across East Asia, the Southern United States, and the Caribbean, emphasizing wholesome, natural ingredients over processed alternatives. This cookbook features over 100 recipes perfect for family dining, such as grilled spring onions with lemon-thyme oil, oven-roasted zucchini, spinach and kale grit cakes, jerk tofu encased in collard leaves, and barbecue carrots accompanied by slow-cooked white beans. The recipes are thoughtfully organized by ingredient types, such as roots, lentils, and fruits, and each is paired with a recommended soundtrack to enrich the cooking experience.

#2 The Homemade Vegan Pantry

A comprehensive guide for creating unprocessed kitchen staples, authored by Miyoko Schinner, renowned for her recipe book Artisan Vegan Cheese and her company, Miyoko’s Kitchen. This is one of the best vegan cookbooks and is perfect for those who enjoy kitchen crafting and experimentation. Schinner provides recipes for various essentials, including condiments, stocks, and prepared foods. Readers will learn how to make homemade vegan mayonnaises, Asian sauces, non-dairy milk, and egg substitutes. The book also covers a range of vegan “meats,” such as breakfast unsausage and peppy unpepperoni. Additionally, Schinner shares her expertise in crafting artisan vegan cheeses, offering secrets to making oil-free melting like “pepper jack,” shaved “parmesan” and almond “feta,”

#3 Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

Authored by Dana Shultz, a debut cookbook from the popular vegan blogger, it features 101 entirely plant-based, mostly gluten-free recipes. Each recipe is designed for simplicity, requiring ten ingredients or fewer, one bowl or pot, and 30 minutes or less to prepare. This book is an excellent resource for beginners, offering guidance on how to stock a basic plant-based pantry and presenting creative vegan versions of American favorites, such as spiced buckwheat pancakes and butternut squash-garlic mac ‘n’ “cheese and three-bean chili.”

#4 Provecho: 100 Vegan Mexican Recipes to Celebrate Culture and Community

Chef Edgar Castrejón transforms the traditionally meat-centric dishes of his Mexican American heritage into vibrant plant-based versions. Recipes like pozole verde, elote asado, and oat milk horchata are designed for convenience, with most requiring less than 30 minutes to prepare using readily available ingredients. Organized according to how meals are served in the Castrejón family, the book also embraces culinary influences from Salvadoran and Colombian cuisines, celebrating Latin American flavors.

#5 The Korean Vegan Cookbook: Reflections and Recipes

Get a plant-based reinterpretation of Korean dishes from Joanne Lee Molinaro’s kitchen, such as jjajangmyeon and kkanpunggi. The cookbook also features Korean-inspired twists on Western favorites, including Angry Penne Pasta featuring gochujang and gochugaru and a chocolate cake enriched with sweet potato. The cookbook is also a deeply personal project, with Molinaro sharing heartfelt anecdotes about her experiences cooking alongside her omma, who serves as her perpetual inspiration, and stories from her parents’ early lives in Korea.

#6 In The Modern Tiffin

An Instagram influencer and TV personality, Priyanka Naik reimagines vegan food through the lens of Indian-inspired, globally-influenced lunch menus designed for portability, much like traditional Indian tiffins. Each of the 11 menus is portioned for two people. For instance, the Maharashtrian meal box honors her parents’ heritage with dishes like shaboodani (made with couscous), coconut masala-filled okra, and bhelpuri made with chickpuri. On the other hand, the Southeast Asian lunch box features tofu banh mi, Bangkok-style street noodles, and coconut-roasted peanuts, presenting a rich variety of flavors.

#7 Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

Often referred to as “The Joy of Vegan Cooking” by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero, this book stands out for its natural approach, avoiding artificial meat products and egg substitutes. The cookbook features over 250 diverse recipes that celebrate various fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. Highlights involve roasted eggplant and spinach muffuletta, baby bok choy with crispy shallots, asparagus, lemongrass risotto, and chocolate hazelnut biscotti. It’s particularly user-friendly for beginner vegans, offering detailed cooking notes, breakfast ideas, holiday meals, and desserts. Additionally, Moskowitz and Romero provide soy-free, gluten-free, and low-fat options to cater to various dietary needs.

#8 Modern Vegan Baking: The Ultimate Resource for Sweet and Savory Baked Goods

This book offers an extensive collection of over 100 recipes for both savory and sweet baked delights. Authored by Gretchen Price, a professional pastry chef with a degree from the Culinary Institute of America and over two decades of experience, this book showcases the potential of vegan baking. From triple chocolate glazed donuts and New York-style strawberry cheesecake to aquafaba Swiss buttercream, these recipes deliver impressive results without using eggs or dairy. Beyond just providing recipes, Price imparts her deep knowledge of baking techniques and key ingredients, equipping you to elevate your vegan baking skills and perhaps even surprise your non-vegan friends with the quality and taste of your creations.

#9 Vegan: The Cookbook

Written by European chef and restaurateur Jean-Christian Jury, this book is a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated collection that spans 500 recipes from 200 countries. Featuring dishes like Persian beet borani and South Indian potato masala, this coffee table-worthy compendium emphasizes recipes that utilize naturally vegan ingredients rather than “veganized” versions of traditional dishes. The book is thoughtfully organized by meal type or course, including sections for breakfast, salads, soups, and desserts. It highlights international culinary traditions and showcases regional fruits and vegetables, offering a global tour of vegan cuisine.


As we conclude our exploration of the 9 best vegan recipes book, it’s clear that embracing plant-based cooking can be an exciting and fulfilling culinary adventure. Each of these books serves as a collection of recipes and a source of inspiration, offering new perspectives on how to enjoy vegan cuisine. From the simplicity of everyday cooking to the rich, complex flavors of international dishes, these cookbooks provide something for everyone—no matter your cooking skill level or culinary preference. Whether you’re looking to add a few vegan dishes to your meal rotation or completely transform your diet, these are the best vegan cookbooks that promise to guide you. They prove that vegan cooking doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor but discovering a new, sustainable way to enjoy food. 

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