Wholly Prep

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Our very first Feature of the Month goes to the lovely guys over at Wholly Prep! We were so excited to stumble upon this company, because they are completely aligned with our mission at Learner Vegan. In actual fact, the strapline on their homepage is ‘New to a plant-based diet and overwhelmed by what to eat and how to cook it? Don’t worry. I got you.’

There are two products that we are in love with:

31 Green Smoothies Book

We adore smoothies and have one almost every morning. If you drink them mid-morning with fruit in, they can take away your cravings for junk food and sugar too! Plus you can add greens and not even taste them. This book has a variety of recipes, and also shows how you can prep smoothies ahead if time. Great if you need to drink them on the move or at work. Because the book is interactive, you can mark your favourite recipes and make notes as you go along.

Nutrition and Prep Course

Learn how to make 21 plant-based meals in 2 hours, develop your food prep skills and stop wasting time in the kitchen. This is a nutritionist-created course, teaching you healthy recipes that don’t take all day to create. You get expert advice, a range of ideas so you’re not repeating the same old meals, and recipes that don’t drain your bank balance. There are more than 60 videos and a private Facebook community to socialise in. Sounds perfect!

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