Doesn’t it seem to be the common view that weight loss has to be gruelling, miserable and a massive chore? Not true! This is one of the limiting beliefs that I change with clients all of the time.

Today I did a short 10 minute video with 4 fun habits you can incorporate into the journey.

Watch Right Here:

Video summary:

  1. Silly movement – dancing, pole dancing, skating… or doing it with someone else. Watch comedy while working out!
  2. Recreating your fave takeaways – I’m talking cacao for chocolate, homemade pad thai, sweet potato fries, tarka dahl, tofu eggy rice, curries etc. Put it in containers, have napkins, little pots of sauces, go all out!
  3. Set goals and milestones with little gifts to yourself at the end – books, candles, spa days…
  4. Support – that could be a friend or a coach. They could send you encouraging words, food bundles, or funny memes to keep your spirits up!