Who doesn’t get excited about waffles?

The disappointing thing is, when I see them at street fairs or dessert shops, they’re never vegan. Boo! I’m also reluctant to make the batter from scratch when we usually eat so healthy and there will be a load of leftovers. For that reason, we don’t eat many waffles in this house.

That’s not to say we don’t love the taste of them though! When JM Posner got in touch to send me a big bag of waffle mix, I was pretty excited. Waffles, where all the hard work is done for you? Count me in!

But what did I think of the taste?

Vegan Waffle Mix recipe

JM Posner brings caterers (and other food-based businesses) superior quality supplies and equipment. They provide chocolate fountains, waffle makers and more… as well as the ingredients to go with them! The company isn’t just for professionals, though. You can order from their website at any time, and it’s worth stocking up!

Let’s Talk Vegan Wafflesjm posner vegan waffle mix ingredient list

I have to admit that when I first saw the ingredients on the mix, I was a little sceptical. My heart sunk when I saw the words ‘pea protein’ and ‘gram flour’. I’ve had these in combination before in snack bars… and they were not good together. Peas and chickpeas in a waffle? No thanks!

I don’t mind admitting I was wrong though…

jm posner vegan waffle mix recipe instructions

The batter was so easy to create.. you just add oil and water to the waffle mixture. I used extra virgin olive oil for health purposes, which worked really well. I’m sure you could use regular vegetable oil though, and I may even try coconut oil next time. My 4-year-old helped through the process and found it very simple too.

Then we simply poured the finished batter into the waffle maker, and let them cook for around 5 minutes. That seemed like a long time when I could smell the waffles baking, but it was so worth it!

The finished product was fluffy and soft on the inside. We enjoyed ours with a drizzle of maple syrup and berries. They were certainly as good as any waffles from a restaurant or street food van.

The 250 g dry mix made 14 waffle quarters in our maker – obviously, this will depend on the size of your waffles. That means you can expect upwards of 50 waffles from the 1kg which I think is amazing value. It’s going to last us for a while!

As you can see, I tried (and failed) to stack up all 14 waffles for a picture… but we sure did eat them all.

jm posner huge waffle stack

Fancy giving them a try? You can get an impressive 1kg bag of vegan waffle mix for £7.95, which is also perfect for businesses. JM Posner also sells dairy-free chocolate which is organic and perfect for baking and fondues.

Have a sweet tooth but sticking to a plant-based diet? Why not try out my Healthy Chocolate Brownies… I promise you’ll be impressed!

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PS. This post isn’t sponsored or affiliated in any way… I wasnt paid! Apart from the free bag of waffle mix, of course.