Vegan Clothing

You may have never thought about the fact that some clothes aren’t vegan.

Unfortunately, certain materials come from a place of animal cruelty. Some common ones are leather, silk, wool, suede, fur, skin, cashmere, angora, down in coats, and pearls.

These materials can be:

  • A by-product of the meat/dairy industry. For example, a cow is killed
  • cow leather shoe go veganfor meat and then the hide used for leather.
  • From an animal that has been specifically killed for that purpose. Minks are often bred and farmed for fur.
  • From an animal that hasn’t died for the product, but is living a cruel life. Industrial sheep-shearing is fast paced and can result in lacerations, other injuries, abuse, stress and ultimately an early death.

Leather is an especially destructive material, as it also damages the environment with toxins produced during the tanning process. In a nutshell, it’s better to only buy clothing that is confirmed vegan. For example, you may think shoes are cruelty-free as they’re not leather, but some use glue made from boiled bones or tissue. Clothing made from unconfirmed materials is a big no-no. Just like with toiletries and cosmetics, Google is your friend. Somebody may have already asked the company if any of their products are vegan, so it can save you the time researching and enquiring yourself.

vintage vegan ethical clothing

You can grab some great items from your local vintage shop or reputable market

There is also the topic of ethical fashion. Ethical clothing isn’t necessarily vegan, but fabrics are made/sourced in a sustainable way, and workers are given a fair wage and good working conditions. Many vegans prefer their clothes to be both ethical and vegan – we care about human rights and the environment too! However, these clothes are often more expensive, so just do what you can and consider supporting ethical companies when you are financially able.

That’s why one of our absolute FAVOURITE ways to source clothes is from vintage or second-hand shops. Not only are these clothes cheap, but we are also reusing materials, and proceeds often go to local businesses or charities. Win-win-win! You just need to be willing to have a rummage and check with the owners where they source stock from.

If you’re in a pinch, high street shops often stock vegan clothing without advertising it. Check labels – ‘wool’ jumpers can actually be synthetic, and leather fake too. In actual fact, synthetic leather is usually cheaper in price, so try to stay savvy when out shopping!

Some common vegan materials on labels are: pleather, synthetic leather, man-made leather, linen, spandex, polyester, cotton, nylon, hemp, cork, acrylic, canvas, bamboo. You may want to buy from new though….


Some of our favourite vegan AND ethical clothing stores are:

  • Wills Vegan Shoes – their products are of a very high
    mink coats vegan fashion

    Materials can be deceiving – these coats are all made from real mink

    quality.They make shoes and accessories for adults and children.

  • Bourgeois Boheme – pricey but great quality – and they do have a sale section!
  • HeartCure – great for statement yet classy designs, plus 100% of profits go to an animal sanctuary.
  • Alice Vandy – one for the ladies. Bold, unique designs that won’t go unnoticed at a party!
  • Willowknd – cute clothes for babies and children. They are cruelty-free and organic.
  • People Tree – a great selection and sale section, hooray!
  • Thought – they have a great vegan section and use a range of fabrics too. Find men’s, women’s, accessories and gifts here.
  • My Vegan Clothing – get on board with a lesser known and affordable brand. My Vegan Clothing uses manufacturers that are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, they eliminate chemicals and use water-based inks. Perfect for the ethical consumer and sensitive skin! They also offer 10% off your first order.
  • Online sites such as eBay, local selling pages and Etsy for vintage or second-hand clothes from ethical stores.

Bonus tips for buying vegan clothing:

  • Double check older and vintage clothing – it’s more likely to contain animal products.
  • Real fur FEELS like hair and has a direction of growth. Faux fur is sewed in rows, feels like a rug, and often has a fabric backing to it. Go and cop a feel!
  • Don’t forget accessories and small details. Handbags can be made from skin, and hats can be real fur, for example. There’s also fur trims, leather labels on jeans, and buttons made from shells.
  • Plan out purchases, and invest in quality if possible. That way, you buy long-lasting clothes with less of an environmental impact, and have time to ask the manufacturer any questions about unclear labels.

So what do you do if you already have leather, silk or another animal product in your wardrobe?

To be honest, everyone is different. Some people, once transitioned to veganism, feel repulsed by the smell and idea of things like leather. In that case, they get rid of them. If you feel the same, you can give them to people in need such as homeless shelters or charity shops. Others shred them so they are out of circulation completely. However, there are quite a number of people who carry on making use of their existing clothes until they no longer have a purpose. Some feel it’s disrespectful to the animal to throw it away when they lost their life for it. It could also be more damaging to the environment when you think of the time, water, resources and transport miles that go into producing clothes. Whatever decision you make with regards to your old clothing, it doesn’t make you any more/less vegan.

And that, ladies and gents, is your basic guide to starting to buy vegan clothing.

Any questions? Do get in touch.

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  • A Quick Tip For Staying Vegan In The Long Term...⁠
Reduce temptation!⁠
Self-awareness is really important. We all have weaknesses, but if we know what they are, we can mitigate against them. Mine’s chocolate, so I always have a bar of my favourite Vego hidden away for desperate times. ⁠
Some good ways of avoiding temptation are - ⁠
🎉Skipping the meat and dairy aisles⁠
when food shopping (or shopping online)⁠
🎉Pre-ordering vegan food at restaurants⁠
🎉Getting rid of all non-vegan food in the house⁠
🎉Binning takeaway menus that have no vegan options⁠
🎉Think about situations that you’re likely to fall off the⁠
vegan wagon and plan for them.⁠
What tempts you?⁠
PS. If you havent grabbed my 'Easy Being Vegan' pack yet - do it now! There are 8 action points for you to take to stay vegan in the long term - ⁠
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  • Tell me what you've been eating this week!⁠
I'd love to know.⁠
I made a lovely lemon drizzle cake for Elie's school bake sale - it must have been nice as there wasn't any left for me at the end 😁😭⁠
We've also been a little bit obsessed with the 'THIS' brand of bacon, recently out in Holland and Barrett.⁠
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  • We all know that Autumn is soup season!⁠
I love it. We always seem to have lots of random leftovers in our fridge, and throwing them into a soup pot with stock usually works well. ⁠
Less waste, nourishing food, and easy to make.⁠
Not to mention the excuse to have lovely thick buttery bread with it.⁠
Check out my easy butternut squash soup recipe below.⁠
What's your favourite soup?⁠
1 medium butternut squash⁠
3 large carrots⁠
1 small white potato⁠
1 medium sweet potato⁠
1 medium white onion⁠
500 ml thin vegetable stock or bouillon⁠
1 tsp garlic puree⁠
1 tsp olive oil⁠
1 tsp single soya cream (optional)⁠
1 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes (optional)⁠
1. Rinse, peel and chop your 5 types of vegetable. Simmer in the stock for 25 minutes.⁠
2. Add to a blender with the stock until smooth.⁠
3. Transfer back to your saucepan and simmer for 5 minutes, adding the garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.⁠
4. Dish up, drizzling your cream and nutritional yeast over.⁠
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  • When I was pregnant first time around, I'd been vegan for around a year.⁠
I craved chocolate (dairy) SO BAD! I didn't eat it, but I felt so guilty for even wanting it. For some reason, I just struggled to find something that would hit the spot. I felt like the worst vegan ever.⁠
Fast forward 4 years, and it hasn't been an issue this pregnancy. I don't feel like I've missed out at all. I've indulged my cravings in a vegan way. I've also learned over the years, not to beat myself up over things I can't control.⁠
There really is a great vegan alternative for everything. ⁠
My point is, it's ok to miss the taste of meat, dairy or eggs. Maybe you'll be over it in a few weeks, or perhaps it will take months.⁠
But your tastebuds will change. I promise. Just carry on eating those cruelty-free substitutes, and your mind and body will follow. It just takes time to break the habit of a lifetime. I'm here for you!⁠
Have you struggled with any cravings going vegan?⁠
#veganhealthcoach #vegancoach #vegancoaching #howtogovegan #veganmom #onlyvegan #goingvegan #goveganstayvegan #stayvegan #veganiseasy #vegantransition #veganeducation #veganknowledge #tryvegan #veganforbeginners #veganbeginner #vegansupport #veganhelp #parttimevegan #parttimevegetarian #vegetarianlife #vegetariansofig #vegetarianlifestyle #vegetarianuk #veganstruggles #newvegan #vegannewbie #almostvegan #veggiepower
  • Getting rid of old habits can be tough!⁠
I recently asked a group of vegans what they found most difficult when transitioning to veganism. An answer that cropped up often was along the lines of: “I found it hard to change the habits of a lifetime, to not buy the food I’ve always bought, and visit the fast-food chains I pop into.”⁠
I can relate to this! When I went vegan 6 years ago, cheese and egg were the last things I gave up. So many meals revolved around them as I was vegetarian (not healthy, I know!) and I struggled to imagine what I’d eat within the home and at restaurants if these options disappeared. I had a preferred lunch at the cafe near work, go-to chocolate bars and my favourite takeaway was egg foo yung. So I completely understand. It can be easy to slip into default mode and buy things, without even realising it. So how did I overcome this and change my long-term habits?⁠
Find out in my post 'Changing Habits As A New Vegan'. Link in bio!⁠
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