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It’s Springtime…maybe?

If you’re in the UK like me, you may be wondering if Spring weather is ever going to arrive. Rain, hail and sun, all in the space of 24 hours is pretty common at this time of year… so what do we wear? Whilst it may not be time to pack away the waterproof coat just yet, we can certainly start shopping for some lighter outfits. Layered dresses, long skirts and shorts, and bold tees are all good ideas for Springtime – but of course, we want them to be cruelty-free. I’ve taken away the shopping confusion and scoured the web for the best Spring picks, so you don’t have to! Everyone deserves to feel good, and that’s why I’ve included men, women and children in my research.

Don’t worry… I haven’t forgotten your ethics. All of these picks are 100% vegan-friendly and ethically sourced, meaning no labour exploitation. No label-checking required… just add to your basket and hit the checkout button.

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Spring Fashion – What’s In?

From trench coats to dresses to suits, beige was definitely a predominant colour on the Spring/Summer 2019 catwalk. Some outfits were top-to-toe neutral, with others accessorising with oranges and greens. Lace is also making a comeback at fashion shows. No longer exclusive to fancy lunches and sexy nightwear, there are plenty of casual clothes with lace trims on the market. And if you really want to go all out, trimmings such as feathers and fringe seem to be making plenty of appearances too. Just make sure those feathers are fake! Prints are also continuing to make a storm, and that’s why you’ll find quite a few in this post – particularly floral and bold colours. Perfect for a nice Spring dress!

Coral is also the clothes colour of 2019, so if you’re a hardcore fashionista, extra points if you can match these trends with that too!

And what about the guys? Well tailored suits are back in, so dig out those work suits or invest in a new one. Super short shorts are also prominent on the catwalks, so if you’re feeling super-confident, go for it! There’s no excuse to stop skipping leg day at the gym now… Sage green is also a popular colour, creeping onto sportswear, Spring macs and smart trousers. Lastly, it seems as if hiking sandals are no longer reserved for walking holidays. Men’s sandals were at just about every show! Just make sure you leave your socks behind.

In our picks below you’ll find a mixture of bang on trend clothing items, along with timeless classics that I just couldn’t resist. Besides, we don’t all take notice of fashion trends – meaning some of these pieces will still look great next Spring too. Bonus!

Men – Vegan Spring Fashion Picks

I love Ethical Superstore! It’s like a one-stop shop for all the best things in vegan life. You can get clothes, groceries, and beauty products all in one place. Seriously, be prepared for me to mention it a few times through this post. Focusing on their men’s clothing, this shop is stocking so many gorgeous Spring pieces from different brands that it was hard to pick just one item. So I went with three! Click on each image if you want to be taken through to the site.

eco-friendly vegan sunglasses

Stripes Eco-Friendly Unit T Wooden Sunglasses, £75

fairtrade men's t-shirt vegan

Men’s Roar Goldilocks Fair Wear Cotton T-Shirt, £24

spring shorts for men vegan

Patagonia Men’s Baggies Shorts – Matcha Green, £49.95

Remember how I said that sandals were back in fashion? Well if you want the highest quality, look no further than Bourgeois Boheme. Their shoes are artisan-made in Portugal using eco-friendly Italian vegan leather. Bourgeois Boheme products are well-known for their quality and longevity. They currently have offers on with prices starting at £35, so get in there quick to snap up a bargain!


Joaquin Sandals in Black, currently on sale at £45

Looking for something a little warmer that’s suitable for work too? Check out this sweater from The Hemp Shop. Made from organic cotton and recycled hemp, it’s light and breathable, but warm enough to protect you from the Spring breeze. You can grab it in Charcoal or Sea Blue.

Casual Organic Hemp & Cotton Sweater vegan

Casual Organic Hemp & Cotton Sweater, £29.50

Casual not doing it for you? Prefer to stand out from the crowd? Check out these bold prints from Thought. Perfect for an evening meal out, first date or work meeting! Thought also sells women’s clothes, so get something for the special lady in your life while you’re there and make use of free delivery.

short sleeved shirt vegan

Paradise Floral Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt, £25

organic cotton shirt vegan men

Velocity Organic Cotton Shirt, £49.90

I’m also loving the selection from The Third Estate. They’re a completely animal-free clothing store that sells both popular and niche brands. If you’re in London, go and pay their Camden store a visit! You can, of course, order online too. Here are a few pieces they currently have on the website:

third estate vegan mens clothes

Some of my favourites from Third Estate – there’s plenty more!

Women – Vegan Spring Fashion Picks

We should really kick off with Ethical Superstore as they sell so many great vegan brands… I did say I’d mention them more than once on this page! With free delivery on orders over £50 and a 30-day ‘no questions asked’ returns policy, it’s hard NOT to take advantage of this website. They have some stunning bold prints ready for Spring, so you’ll be bang on trend. Here are just a few of our picks:

vegan fashion Nomads Honey Pleat Detail Shirt

Nomads Honey Pleat Detail Shirt, £41.95

vegan spring fashion, Mudd & Water Drift Away Dress - Navy Shell Print

Mudd & Water Drift Away Dress – Navy Shell Print, currently on sale at £32.95

vegan spring fashion, Nomads Organic Cotton Stripe Flare Dress - Mango

Nomads Organic Cotton Stripe Flare Dress – Mango, currently on sale at £42.20

vegan spring fashion, Thought Clement Slacks

Thought Clement Slacks, currently on sale at £27.45

I’m a big fan of People Tree, who have a great mix of timeless classics, and on-trend colourful outfits. Do be aware that their whole website isn’t vegan, but they do have a dedicated vegan section. Their vegan clothing includes knitwear, tops and trousers, and has been designed from sustainable and eco-friendly organic cotton.

vegan spring fashion, Jamie Floral Wrap Top

Jamie Floral Wrap Top, £69

vegan spring fashion, Amelia Stripe Dress in Pink

Amelia Stripe Dress in Pink, £55

vegan spring fashion, V&A Esther Print Trousers

V&A Esther Print Trousers, £95

Need new shoes for Spring after wearing out your comfy boots all Winter? Me too! I highly recommend Beyond Skin. This store is a little pricier than some I’ve mentioned, but completely worth it for the quality. Their shoes will last you forever! Beyond Skin’s sustainable and leather-free footwear is all ethically and beautifully handmade in Spain. If you want to stand out, this is the place to shop. Here are my favourite pieces so far (and they even have some sale items too!).

vegan spring shoes Bessy Pink Bow Flat Shoes

Bessy Pink Bow Flat Shoes, currently on sale at £39

vegan spring shoes, Koi Black Embroidered Black Slippers

Koi Black Embroidered Black Slippers (also available in white), £139

vegan spring shoes, Lottie Floral Print Block Heel

Lottie Floral Print Block Heel, £159

I also wanted to mention PO-ZU, seeing as they are a lesser known brand. Their shoes are edgy, with great graphics and a long-lasting sole. You can buy for men, women and children here. They also designed a Star Wars collection (see below)!

vegan shoes, PO-ZU Brisk Silver Gol

Brisk Silver Gold, £110



If you’re in the mood for something a little more casual, you can’t get better than Organic Basics for comfort, neutral tones, and ethical standards. Plus, I’ve bagged a discount code with them. Just enter ‘organicbasicsxsas15’ at the checkout for 15% off EVERYTHING! They even do the most comfortable bras (I practically live in mine) and other underwear, so make the most of your discount. Here’s a selection of their offerings (PS. they do menswear too).

organic vegan fashion

Organic Basics

Sometimes we want a little something that shows off our vegan status. If you like to wear your morals on your sleeve, or attend a lot of activism events, Viva La Vegan has some great new additions. I’m slightly in love with their tee designs.

vegan activist clothes, Mother Nature Musette bag

Mother Nature Musette bag, £15

vegan activist clothes, Women's Tshirt : May Our Hearts Overcome Our Appetites

Women’s Tshirt : May Our Hearts Overcome Our Appetites, £24

Children – Vegan Spring Fashion Picks

I always think that vegan children’s clothes are a little harder to come by, unless you know where to look. Luckily, there are some brilliant UK stores with cute cruelty-free buys for your little fashionistas.

Little Green Radicals have a brilliant selection, from newborn babies right up to age 8. Here’s a selection of my favourite clothing items, for girls and boys.

kids vegan clothes, little green radicals kids


Frugi is a well-known brand that most parents love. They’ve recently announced their Spring/Summer 19 outfits – and as always, they’re stunning! Collections include ‘Puffin and Friends’, ‘Over the Rainbow’ and ‘Hop on Board’. It was so difficult to pick just a few pieces to showcase, so do go over and visit the site for yourself.


frugi vegan kids Sun Safe Set

Sun Safe Set in Seagull, £26

kids vegan frugi Praa PJs in Puffin

Praa PJs in Puffin, £24

frugi vegan Seren Shorts in Daffodil Days

Seren Shorts in Daffodil Days, £20 (duck tee also available)

frugi vegan ethical Sophie Sequin Applique Top

Sophie Sequin Applique Top, £22 or 2 items for £30 (leggings also available)

frugi vegan kids clothes, Perranuthnoe Playsuit in Soft Green Tropical Tractors

Perranuthnoe Playsuit in Soft Green Tropical Tractors, £26

Last (but certainly not least), I had to give a mention to Sense Organics, a lesser known company that has the cruelty-free seal of approval. Their clothes are very affordable, they often have a sale on, and the designs are to die for. Here’s a snapshot of what they offer:

Boys S/S Tee Light Blue + Sea Whale Print, Ibon

Boys S/S Tee Light Blue + Sea Whale Print, Ibon, £15

Short Baby Wrap Growsuit, Chandra

Short Baby Wrap Growsuit, Chandra, £18

Fairtrade Nightdress, Colourful Peacock Print, Mika

Fairtrade Nightdress, Colourful Peacock Print, Mika, currently on sale at £8

Would you buy any of my vegan spring fashion picks? Have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

PS. Going out clothes shopping soon and have no idea where to start? If you need a helping hand choosing vegan-friendly clothes, I’ve put together a simple guide for you. This easy-to-read page will walk you through the animal products often used in the fashion world, so you feel confident in cruelty-free shopping.

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Many objective studies show that a plant-based diet reduces the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and stroke. It also cuts your risk of certain types of cancer, such as colon and breast. Processed meat is classed as a carcinogenic.
Can we justify the suffering and death of animals, when we can live happily and healthily without inflicting it? A high proportion of 'meat' animals never see daylight, and many die in their cramped, unhygienic surroundings before they reach the slaughterhouse. Even humane meat is marketing. Is there a humane way to kill somebody that doesn't want to die?
Veganism isn’t just an animal rights issue, it’s a human rights issue too. Feeding grain to livestock reduces the amount of food that is available to underdeveloped nations. Around 75% of soybeans produced are fed to animals, for example. People go hungry, while that same food they could be eating is given to animals raised for slaughter. Many of these slaughtered animals are then transported to affluent countries such as the UK, for us to eat!
Most of us have realised by now that climate change is real and happening as we speak. Raising animals for food uses many more resources than growing plants. 30% of the ice-free surface area of the Earth is used to either rear livestock, or grow the food to feed it. They produce a huge amount of methane (cows alone in excess of 150 billion gallons per day!), and methane is thought to be 25 to 100 times more harmful than CO2. This is all without mentioning pollution, deforestation, land degradation, and water scarcity.
These are brief explanations, do feel free to conduct your own research or ask questions.
Do you think it's worth it so we can eat meat?
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Which Vegan Documentary Should You Watch?⠀
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I'm always going on about how great vegan food is... but even the best of us can make some fatal errors at meal time!⠀
Crumpets, melted cheese, and marinated grilled tempeh.⠀
A nice easy lunch, I thought. Not the healthiest, but I'm busy and pregnant.⠀
It was awful - dry and hard. But it seemed like a good idea at the time...⠀
Spill the beans! What's the worst meal you've had?⠀
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  • Which Vegan Documentary Should You Watch?⠀
That's the big question!⠀
Many people have heard of vegan documentaries, but are either too scared to watch one, or have no idea where to start. How about you?⠀
Those of us who have watched documentaries found them vital in our vegan journey, allowing us to make an emotional connection to animals and the suffering we pay for them to go through, and take our health more seriously.⠀
This post includes documentaries that span a range of topics, and I narrowed it down to those that are crucial for new vegans too. Give it a read!⠀
Of course, there are plenty more documentaries out there. Have a recommendation? Comment on the post and let me know!⠀
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We can 100% thrive on a vegan diet.⠀
Don't believe me?⠀
Even the NHS, WHO and Association of Nutritionists and Dietitians have confirmed that a well-balanced vegan diet is suitable for all stages of life, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and childhood.⠀
There are many misconceptions around vegans being weak or deficient, but many athletes, bodybuilders and regular people are thriving as vegans. Just look at Tony Gonzalez, Venus Williams and the 'Hench Herbivore'!⠀
Any lifestyle can be unhealthy if we don't eat the right things. With the fast-food culture, many of us are consuming too much saturated fat, refined sugar, refined carbs and processed foods. ⠀
We could all do with a rundown in nutrition! I've created two guides - basic nutrition, and advanced nutrition, which are in my bio.⠀
#newvegan #learnervegan #veganbeginner #vegancommunity #vegetarians #veggielife #veggielove #veganhelp #vegansupport #dairyfree #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #meatfree #meatless #veganbuys #animallover #friendsnotfood #vegannewbie #goingvegan #beingvegan #almostvegan #veganuk #ukvegans #ukvegan #vegansofig #vegannutrition #veganhealth #govegan #healthyliving #veganhealth
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I’ve met wonderfully supportive people along my vegan journey, but also a few judgemental folks that criticise and argue in a non-constructive way. There’s been masses of complex information to understand along the way, on a huge variety of vegan-related topics. Some of it can be a struggle to understand.⠀
Veganism doesn’t have to be as hard as I made it for myself! And that’s really why I wanted to create this site.⠀
Firstly, to create a safe space. Somewhere you can come if you fall off the wagon. No judgement, no criticism. Just a friendly face and support to reach that vegan goal, whatever it may be or however slowly you are working towards it.⠀
Secondly, to help people who were like me 6 years ago. People with no clue about veganism, perhaps even with pre-conceptions and doubts about the whole lifestyle. But with a thirst to find out more, to make some kind of change, because supporting these violent industries doesn’t sit right with them anymore.⠀
Does any of this sound like you?⠀
You may not know where to start. You’re probably overwhelmed by the masses of conflicting information out there. I was too!⠀
Learner Vegan is a one-stop shop. It makes everything simple and easy to understand. I’ll talk you through ethics, shopping and cooking… plus everything else! I’m on hand as your vegan guide. To answer tricky questions, motivate you, and help you back on the wagon if you slip up.⠀
Remember: reading this is your first step toward a compassionate lifestyle. I’m all for celebrating these small changes, because every change is an animal saved.⠀
What do you need help with?⠀
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