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Easter is just around the corner, so now’s the time to get prepared!

Vegans absolutely don’t miss out at Easter. Eggs, chocolate bunnies, truffles… we’ve got it all. Whether you’re buying for your partner, kids or yourself, I’ve dug out the best vegan Easter gift ideas for you to try. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re looking for a general guide to Easter with meal ideas, activities and ethics, you’ll want my simple piece here.


Vegan Easter Eggs

All of the major supermarkets have vegan Easter eggs for £2-5 this year – just head to the free-from section. Some stores, like Asda, have even included them in the regular Easter section, so you don’t have to go out of your way to hunt them down. I haven’t included supermarket eggs here, so do feel free to go and check them out! This round-up is reserved for the really special stuff, that you may not spot in stores. Many of us are also in isolation, and unable to get a supermarket food delivery, so it makes sense to include eggs you can get online!

I’m really impressed by The Vegan Kind Supermarket range this year. They have a great range of eggs and treats, suitable for all budgets. Here’s a couple of eggs that stood out to me – just click an image to be taken through to buy.

Vegan Easter Gift Ideas goupie egg

Goupie – Salted Sticky Toffee Easter Egg, £9.49

Vegan Easter Gift Ideas moo free egg

Moo Free – Vegan Easter Egg, Bunnycomb with Choccy Chum Surprise, £3.99

Divine has some really delicious chocolate eggs – they are all honestly top-notch quality. There are a few vegan eggs on sale at the moment too! This particular one contains dark mini eggs, is fair-trade certified and contains no palm oil.

vegan easter gift ideas - vegan easter eggs, Divine Luxury 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Dark Mini Easter Eggs

Divine Luxury 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Dark Mini Easter Eggs, £9.99

If you’re really looking to impress a special someone and have cash to splash, you can’t get any better than the Booja Booja Champagne Truffle Easter Egg. Each handmade, handpainted box is created by Kashmiri artisans, and the truffles inside are to die for. I actually have one of their Easter egg boxes on my mantelpiece – it’s gorgeous! Something to keep for a lifetime.

vegan easter gift ideas - egg, Booja Booja Large Champagne Truffle Easter Egg

Booja Booja Large Champagne Truffle Easter Egg, £26.19

Ever shopped at Yumbles? There are people over there with serious talent. It’s like the food version of Etsy, and I love it! You can order vegan Easter gifts such as handmade eggs, Easter eggs made up to specific requirements, and more. If you want an individual egg, or just like to support small businesses, get yourself over there. Prices start from around £7. It was so hard to pick one item, but I do adore these mini Easter eggs – perfect for an Easter egg hunt!

vegan easter gift ideas - mini eggs for hunt

Easter Box of Dairy Free Mini Chocolate Eggs, £8.95

If you’re looking for a few basket-fillers, you can’t go wrong with a vegan creme egg. There are a few online stores stocking handmade creme eggs, and they look amazing! They’re also gluten-free and ethically produced.

Other Vegan Easter Foodie Treats

Had enough of Easter eggs? I love the Ethical Superstore range of alternative Easter goodies. You can buy chocolate bunnies from £2.70, right through to premium truffles at £26.19. So delicious! Here are two of my favourite picks from their website:

vegan easter gift ideas - hen shaped egg

Montezumas Like No Udder Vegan Hannah Hen with Mini Eggs, £9.99

vegan easter gift ideas -Truffle-Whirl

Hadleigh Maid Dark Chocolate & Mint Truffle Whirl, £2.99

I’m also in love with the sweet packaging of this bunny:

vegan easter gift ideas -dark-chocolate-rabbit-eggs

Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs, £5.99

Looking for a treat with added extras? You can get 2-for-1 with this inexpensive package – it contains chocolate, a toy to assemble, and info cards. There are a few different ones to collect. One to keep the children busy for a few minutes while you’re setting up the Easter hunt…

vegan easter gift ideas, Playin Choc - Kids Rabbit Collection

Playin Choc – Kids Rabbit Collection, £3.29

And last but not least for treats, you can order a lovely Easter gift box – fully vegan, of course. It’s great value as you save on RRP. I really like the idea of sending this from my family to another, especially while we are all practising social distancing! Everyone can dig in and share.

Vegan easter gift ideas 'Hoppy Easter!' Gift Box, £14.99

Vegan ‘Hoppy Easter!’ Gift Box, £14.99

Looking for Easter treats you don’t have to eat? Read on for my roundup of inedible Easter gifts…

Alternative Easter Gifts

Getting a ton of chocolate for Easter can be a burden if you’re eating healthily. The same can go for children, too. We try to restrict the unhealthy foods in our daughter’s diet, so often ask people to buy non-food gifts. This works out really well, as she will get a few sweet treats, as well as some fun books or clothes.

Buying someone an Easter gift can be a lovely surprise… and an excuse to treat yourself too by putting a few extras in the trolley! These are my favourite ideas.

Bath treats – Lush have a great collection of Easter bath bombs, including a colourful egg, carrot and magic rabbit, starting at £4.95. They are also selling an Easter basket at £28. Great for somebody who loves a pamper session.

Books – Most children love a good book, and there are some fantastic Easter themed reads. My daughter used to love ‘We’re Going On An Egg Hunt‘ which is suitable for younger children. You can also get the matching activity book for £4.63. ‘Springtime Stories: 30 Classic Tales‘ is great for older children. Pranksters may like this fun Easter Jokes book too!

easter kids books

Buying for an adult bookworm? The Women of Easter tells the story of the three Marys. Easter Stories is a collection of short stories, including one from C.S.Lewis. Or you could opt for a great light-hearted whodunnit, in the shape of Easter Bunny Murder. There are Easter-themed adult colouring books, too.

Clothes – kids really can have too many Easter eggs. How about some Spring-themed clothes instead? Frugi has lovely seasonal clothes with ducks, bunnies, cows and sailboats. You can also buy sweet accessories such as harbour hats, socks, and froggy parsnip pants. They’ll last a lot longer than sweets!


Spring Skater Dress, £28

Crafts – Kids love them! I found these little craft kits at Conscious Craft – I’ve shopped here before and their products are such high quality. They’re eco-friendly too. There are also some cheap craft kits in The Works stores and Baker Ross – including bonnets, felt bunnies, and egg painting. Please avoid plastic if you can!

Flower pressinghow sweet is this? This flower pressing kit is a great excuse to get searching outdoors, and then come back inside and get creative. Children can create boxes, bookmarks and cards. It’s £11.95 but the kit will last a lifetime. It’s also suitable to do in your own back garden if you’re self-isolating.

easter craft ideas, Green Creativity Pressed Flower Art

Green Creativity Pressed Flower Art, £11.95

I hope you liked my range of ideas and can get some inspiration from them.

Don’t forget to check out my easy guide to Easter too!

Have a fantastic, cruelty-free Easter!

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