It’s always exciting to try new vegan products as they go on the market.

Usually it’s food, but recently I was able to test out the Sunkissed Self-tan Mousse. I don’t tend to wear tan on a day-to-day basis, but will on holiday if I’m looking pasty. I’m pretty pale naturally so I was interested to see how the tan would show up on my skin too.

I don’t often accept beauty product reviews but this one was appealing to me. There are no parabens or sulphates, the ingredients are 95% natural, it has added aloe vera, and according to the pitch – smells delicious! It also comes with its own soft applicator mitt. Of course, it goes without saying that the product is vegan and cruelty-free!

Sunkissed is also used by beauty insiders, made in the UK (less environmental footprint – hooray!) and dermatologically tested.

self-tan mousse - vegan - product pictures

I was nervous to apply it but I didn’t need to be! It was great that there was no residue, stickiness, or orange glow that comes with a lot of fake tanning products. As you can see, the resulting tan was definitely a brown glow – no orange in sight! The mitt was also very soft, and not scratchy at all. There was a slight ‘tan’ smell, but the main scent was coconut, which was pleasant. I was quite impressed.

On application, the mousse dried within around 30 minutes (plus I probably did over-apply) and it was easy to wash off in the shower. No dirty towels!

On first application, I did a test on my arm so you could see the colour comparison, and how it fades over time:

self-tan mousse - vegan - comparison pictures

I’d say it lasted around the same amount of time as other self-tan products. You would definitely be covered for a 7-10 day holiday, but may need to reapply if you’re away for 2 weeks. For reference, I used the ‘medium’ shade.

You can get your hands on the self-tan mousse over at the Sunkissed Bronzing website, or follow them on Facebook/Instagaram via @welovesunkissed. They also have other cruelty-free products such as mascara and bronzer – hooray!

NB: I received one free self-tan mousse, in exchange for an honest review. No affiliate links here. I hope you like it!

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self-tan mousse - vegan


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