Your Snacking Cheat Sheet

Snacking Cheat Sheet
Finding it hard to keep out of the junk food cupboard?

Grab this printable cheat sheet to stop that binge snacking for good!

Download here and pin inside your snack cupboard…


I’m Katy, busy mum of two girls, vegan for 8 years and former biscuit addict! 

When you’ve spent so long mindlessly grabbing food here and there, settling down with a bunch of snacks in the evening to watch TV… it can be really difficult to get out of that routine and make healthier choices.

You grab snacks on the go, and bung freezer food in the oven because it’s easy. I’ve been there too! In fact, today I had a 5 year old asking me 5000 questions while I made lunch, and a 15 month old trying to touch the oven. I don’t have time for long winded snacks, nor do I want to eat carrot sticks with houmous every single day.

When I was learning new habits around food, I really needed guidance to stop myself from grabbing junk food snacks in the evening. Having something you can physically pin inside the cupboard is so useful!

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