Your Snacking Cheat Sheet

Snacking Cheat Sheet PLUS new bonuses!
Struggling to lose weight because you're binge snacking?

Grab this printable cheat sheet to stop binge snacking for good, so you can start dropping weight with ease, stop extreme cravings and feel comfortable in your own skin again!

Download here and pin inside your snack cupboard…


This sheet will help you to:
📌 Figure out if you’re genuinely hungry or just have a craving
📌 Point you to easy actions to tackle this in the moment
📌 I’ve also added healthy snack ideas (sweet and savoury)!


Who am I?

I’m Katy, Plant-Based Health Coach and busy mum of 2. I struggled so much with my weight and body confidence after pregnancy. I was desperate to get my figure back and tried everything – calorie counting, low carb… all the weight loss solutions out there. I went round in circles, failing these complicated diets because I couldn’t stay committed and motivated. My old habits always crept back up on me. It seemed like nothing I did worked, and that really affected my mental health too. I’d cry every time I gave up on a diet plan. I felt like a failure, like it was my fault. Then I’d binge eat – I can’t count how many times I took an entire packet of biscuits on the school run!

So what changed?

Eating a healthy plant-based diet changed my life! I stopped calorie counting and ignored all of the crazy weight loss solutions out there. Instead, I focussed on small habit changes at a time, being HAPPY while losing weight, and getting consistent. Now I’m 30lbs lighter, body confident again, and running around the kids with bags of energy. I’m not choosing between baggy clothes or sucking my stomach in anymore! I’m here to help you get to that same place – I truly believe that every woman CAN accomplish their weight loss goal with the right support.

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