Personal vegan merch, anyone?
I’ve been following Veronika and her beautiful creations for a while now. When she got in touch to design me a mug, I was overjoyed! I love getting goodies from small, vegan-owned businesses, and Veronika is so lovely too.

Who is Veronika Honestly?

If you’ve never come across Veronika Honestly before, you HAVE TO check her out. She’s vegan and runs a small business, designing a variety of goodies. Veronika started the business to raise vegan awareness, unleash her creative side (her other role is maths tuition) and giving something back to animal charities – half of the profits go to good causes. The main focuses of the business are to be vegan-friendly, eco-friendly (organic cotton, plastic-free packaging), and doing charitable good.

Personalised Vegan Products

The main focus is vegan awareness t-shirts – and believe me, once this pregnant belly has gone, I’m ordering one. I think I’m rather taken with this unicorn tee – I’ve just got to decide which of the many colours to have it in. Decisions, decisions!

The shirts are all made from 100% certified organic cotton and printed with vegan ink – they’re super soft! Along with the vegan slogans and cute animal sketches, there are also eco-awareness designs such as ‘if you litter the ocean, seahorses will find you and kick your ass’. You can even grab a tote bag if t-shirts aren’t your thing.

The fantastic thing about Veronika Honestly is that she can custom-make many things. For example, if you like a tee design but would prefer it on a bag, or one of her other products, she can do that for you. Colours can also be adjusted. You can get yourself a completely original item!

Have I convinced you to check her out yet? If you do decide to order, I’ve bagged a 10% off code for readers – just enter LEARNERVEGAN at the checkout.

What Vegan Product Did I Choose?

As a mum to three cats, I decided to go for a customised mug. As a self-confessed crazy cat lady, I was very excited about this – especially as it is personalised to match your cats’ markings!

Veronika was an absolute pleasure to work with around the design. She had many fantastic ideas, an unlimited amount of options, and always replied to my emails promptly. The finished design was completed quickly, and the finished mug was with me within 2 days of us finishing the order together. All I had to do was provide photos of the cats and choose what I wanted.

Here is the finished result!

Personalised Vegan Products from Veronika Honestly - cat mugPersonalised Vegan Products from Veronika Honestly - cat mug

What do you think? I was so pleased! Marley and Mia are pretty easy to design as they are completely black, but it was great that Veronika captured how Marley was skinnier and rougher around the edges. A lovely touch for the owner! Marmalade was the trickest due to her colourful markings, and I couldn’t believe how accurate the design looked! I was really excited to have my first cup of tea in this cup, and it’s already received a few comments from visitors too.

The cup is sturdy, glossy and not prone to stains, so I’m really pleased with the quality. I’d definitely be happy to purchase another for myself or as a gift.

Where Can I Check Out Veronika Honestly?

Apart from her Etsy shop, Veronika does have a main website where you can shop, check out her blog and even grab free printable greeting cards.

She also runs an additional business, Magicful Home, where you can purchase custom home decor. Some of the profits go towards marine conservation efforts, and the site is home to lovely free printables too.

Personalised Vegan Products from Veronika Honestly - home decor

How about social media? Veronika regularly posts over on Facebook and Instagram, where you can keep up-to-date with her latest releases.

Find her full range over at the Veronika Honestly Etsy shop. And if you order, don’t forget to use code LEARNERVEGAN for 10% off.

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NB: I received a personalised mug for free, in exchange for an honest review. I hope you like it! I receive no proceeds from the sale of any of these products, I just love her vegan brand!