Not Vegan Yet?

So you’re not vegan yet.

Ok, what’s stopping you?

Perhaps you’re worried it’s too expensive, that you won’t like the food, or you won’t get enough nutrition on a vegan diet.

Maybe you think humane meat is ok, dairy doesn’t hurt anyone, or vegan is just for extremists.

That’s ok, I used to think all of those things too. I was a cheese-loving, thrifty, chocolate addict going about my business.

Here’s a secret – I still am cheese-loving, thrifty, chocolate addict going about my business.


Every vegan I know says one thing. That they wish they’d done it sooner.

You don’t need to be rich. You don’t need a degree in nutrition. You don’t need to buy from health food shops. You don’t have to eat lettuce and houmous every day. All you need is compassion to realise that we can all live happy and healthy lives without harming other beings.

So are you on board? Maybe just the teeniest bit intrigued?

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