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My Vegan Clothing - discount code and plant-based fashion and activism for families and kids

NB: My Vegan Clothing are now known as Vegan Original (update August 2019).

Learner Vegans… I am so excited to introduce My Vegan Clothing as our June Feature of the Month!

Everything they sell is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so no filtering through items on their website… you can buy anything without checking the materials or origins for nasties. Finally… a clothing brand that understands us! They cater to women, men, children and babies, as well as offering cute mugs, bags and bamboo-print posters. P.S. If you’re into vegan activism, the posters would look amazing at a march or demo.My Vegan Clothing - discount code and plant-based fashion and activism for families and kids

I truly love their designs, the feel of the clothing and their ethics. As some of you know, I’m pregnant with baby no. 2 and am so tempted to get the little one a My Vegan Clothing babygro for every day of the week. I mean, how cute is this for £15?!

I’ve also bagged an exclusive 15% discount for you lovely readers… simply enter the code LEARNERVEGAN at the checkout. It’s only available for June 2019, so be quick! (UPDATE: this code has now expired)

So why should you buy from MVC over other fashion brands?

  1. Their clothing isn’t just 100% vegan, but 100% ethical too – meaning it’s kind to people AND animals. They only use manufacturers who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation and are regularly audited against proactive social responsibility criteria, which rules out discrimination and forced labour. The Fair Wear Foundation also enforces legal work contracts, a living wage, and safe working conditions.
  2. They use only PETA-approved clothing manufacturers who exclude the use of animal products and animal testing methods in their production processes.
  3. The clothing manufacturers are certified under GOTS, which means that the apparel products were grown and dyed with toxin-free substances that are certified safe for human use. The also use vegan water-based inks, which are kinder on the environment and avoid the use of animal products and testing.
  4. They care about the environment! MVC apparel is made from 100% organic cotton, which uses less water and has much lower carbon emissions than conventional cotton. Using organic cotton ensures that no dangerous pesticides, fertilisers, or other harmful chemicals are used in the production process. Many products are also accredited as ‘climate neutral’.

What are you waiting for? Get on there and start using your discount!

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NB: This post is not sponsored. I just love this brand!

My Vegan Clothing - discount code and plant-based fashion and activism

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