Are you on the fence about making that leap from vegetarian to vegan?

As a previous vegetarian of 12 years, I know how easy it can be to get stuck in the veggie stage, not understanding or believing the benefits of going fully vegan. Even when you are convinced, it can be hard to know where to begin and how to stick at it!

As you may know, I’ve been vegan for 6 years now, and have helped others to make the transition too. I also did an Instagram LIVE on this very subject! If you didn’t catch it, and you prefer video format, go and catch the replay over on Facebook.


Making The Leap From Vegetarian To Vegan

Why go from Vegetarian to Vegan?

Most people are vegetarian either due to animal cruelty, or health reasons. Going fully vegan can benefit both of those things!

why go from vegetarian to vegan - cows byproduct of dairy industry

  1. Animal Cruelty – As a vegetarian, I ate a higher quantity of cheese and eggs, not realising that these still contributed to animal suffering. Egg-layers are kept in confined spaces, susceptible to disease, and culled when they are deemed ‘unproductive’. They are also bred unnaturally to produce a disproportionate amount of eggs, which is very uncomfortable. If that’s not enough, male chicks are killed at 1 day old because they can’t produce eggs. They are usually gassed or macerated, and this happens even in free-range systems. As for dairy, female cows need to have young to produce milk, just like humans. These mums are kept in a perpetual state of pregnancy, and their calves taken away from them after birth, so that we can use their milk for cheese, chocolate and other foods. Most calves are sold as veal at a young age, or shot and discarded, as a by-product of the milk industry. Mother cows can spend days crying and mourning their babies.
  2. Health – There are many anecdotal health benefits associated with veganism, but I’ll focus on those backed by science. If you eat well (not simply vegan junk food!) you can lose weight without calorie counting, have lower blood sugar levels and improved kidney function. You reduce the risk of contracting Type 2 Diabetes, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer. Veganism is also linked to a lower risk of heart disease, relief from arthritic pain, less constipation and a longer life span.

If you’re interested in more information on these topics, do head over to the Benefits of Going Vegan page, which also links to scientific research.

So what stops vegetarians from going vegan, and how can you make your transition easier?

Under Pressure

People often think that veganism has to be an overnight transition, so end up panicking and backing out. That’s a whole lot of pressure! A slow move to veganism is fine, too. It actually took me around 6 months to go fully vegan. First I started to buy plant-based milks and other dairy products, to test them out and find what was easy to get hold of (and tasty too). Next, I focussed on eggs. Finally, I looked at other aspects of my life such as hidden ingredients (e-numbers), clothing and cosmetics. By educating myself and swapping out one thing at a time, I found the transition really easy and stayed vegan for good.

What could you reasonably swap out first? Go do it! Small steps really make a difference.

changing from dairy to almond milk, vegetarian to vegan

Trying out different plant-based milks can be a great place to start

Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes we have internal beliefs and thought processes that stop us from diving into change. They limit us from moving forward and progressing and can show up in any area of your life. Do you want to go vegan? Dig deep and see what excuses your brain throws up. Are they reasonable, or could they be overcome? Many people mistakenly believe that veganism is expensive, difficult, they worry about what friends and family will think… the list goes on.

Think of something in your life that you accomplished with ease – how did you approach it? What beliefs and mindset did you have while doing it, so that you didn’t give up when things were tricky? Try to apply that to going vegan. Replace those limiting beliefs with things like ‘Many people are vegan on a budget so I can too’. Keep repeating them to yourself… they’re true!

The Eating Out Dilemma

Some vegetarians attempt to go vegan, and successfully do so at home, but get stuck when out and about. Being vegan on the go does take some preparation at first. After a few months though, it is second nature! You simply have to learn which places have vegan options. Be

eating out as a vegan - chef preparing meal

prepared to look up menus online, or ring a restaurant ahead and let them know you’re vegan. You’d be surprised how many eateries have a separate allergen menu with vegan options… sometimes it just isn’t very well advertised. Get to know the supermarkets and cafes on your route to work, or around places you visit frequently. That way, you’ll never be out of options and panic-buy something non-vegan. If it’s products you’re looking for, the Facebook pages Supermarket Finds UK and Accidentally Vegan are both really useful! There’s a substitute for everything nowadays… the vegan community can help you to find what you need.

Organisation Skills

From people I’ve spoken to, lack of organisation skill is the biggest stumbling factor when going vegan. People fall off the wagon when they’re on holiday, out and about, or caught out hungry. It really doesn’t need to be difficult to eat vegan! Here are some organisation techniques I utilised when going vegan:

  • Meal planning – This can often put people off, as they think meal planning has to be a week’s worth of cooking in one day, full of fancy ingredients and a lot of hassle. I actually just plan for 2-3 days at a time. I’ll decide what I want to eat for each meal, make a shopping list for anything that isn’t already in my fridge, and prep anything I think I won’t have time to do when the meal comes (for example, if I’m working). This simply takes the guesswork out of every meal as you know what you’re eating, you have the food in your kitchen ready, and you’re less likely to be tempted by something non-vegan.
  • Handbag snacks – We should all be carrying snacks for those desperate times when a train is delayed or our favourite eatery is closed. NAKD bars, fruit, and nuts are all great options to keep you going in a fix. Don’t forget a bottle of water!
  • Knowing my weakness – I knew I loved biscuits and cheese, and had ZERO willpower at first when it came to those items. Because of my self-awareness, I ensured that I had none in the house, I didn’t even go down those aisles in the supermarket, and generally avoided them as much as possible. Now, I love vegan cheeses! Your tastebuds do adapt and it’s good to know your own potential pitfalls in the first few weeks of going vegan. That way, you can put a plan in place to combat it. What’s your weakness?
  • Having a go-to list – This should involve takeaways, nearby restaurants, eateries on the way to work and what their vegan options are. Be prepared!

vegan groceries and food haul


Lastly, everything has to link back to your why. What is your reason for wanting to go vegan? If it’s health, you could carry around a photo of you at your healthiest self. If it’s due to the dairy industry, you may have a clip on your phone about how cruel it is. Sometimes, we just need something physical or visual for the first month or so, while we adjust. When we’re in a tricky situation, we can just take a moment and reconnect to our ‘why’. It brings us back to our reasons for going vegan, and motivates us to continue.

We actually have a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share insight and connect with other new vegans. No judgement, only positivity!

Does this help?

Is something stopping you from making the leap from vegetarian to vegan? Let me know – I’d love to hear about it and help!

PS. Grab the FREE ‘Easy Being Vegan’ pack for even more help with your transition! It includes a shopping list, easy meal plan, personal action points for staying vegan, and my BONUS favourite egg and dairy substitutes. I promise you’ll love it!

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  • I love connecting with people and getting results for them. It's such a good feeling to watch new vegans hit their goals!⁠
I'm a huge advocate for coaching. When I decided to eat more healthily, I hired a plant-based coach and embarked on a group program. It changed my mindset, habits, and explained everything in such a simple way. I fully committed to it and HIT my own goals - 28lb weight loss, improved mental health, less tiredness... the list goes on!⁠
That's why now I offer my own form of coaching, for those new to veganism. Together, we figure out solutions and transformation just for YOU. It's all about getting you on the road to veganism!⁠
Is 121 coaching right for you?⁠
YES, if:⁠
⭐️You want to save time wading through the internet.⁠
⭐️You want to talk to a real person confidentially.⁠
⭐️You have issues specific to your life regarding going vegan .ie. pregnancy, children, cravings.⁠
⭐️You'd love to save on stress by problem-solving any struggles you're facing quickly.⁠
⭐️You need regular motivation to keep you on track to hit your goals.⁠
Is this you?⁠
If you want this, let me know! Drop me a DM or find out how it works over in my BIO.⁠
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  • ⭐️ Keeping Organised as a New Vegan ⭐️⁠
As a meat-eater, it was probably easy to get by without thinking about meals in advance. You could grab a snack from wherever, or grab takeout on the way home. But thinking in advance helps us all out. It means we eat more healthy, save money on random snacks and meals, and can do some time-saving meal prep in advance!⁠
⭐️ Consider where you will be for the next few days at mealtimes, and plan accordingly. Factor drinks and snacks in too – I always have an extra something stashed in my bag, just in case I’m out later than usual! ⁠
⭐️ If you’re somewhere new, looking up restaurants online beforehand can help. Check out Tripadvisor – just enter ‘vegan-friendly (TOWN)’ in their search bar, and you should easily find where the plant-based people are going. Then you can narrow the options right down to your path of driving or walking. HappyCow Vegan Guide is also a great website that pinpoints vegan options near to you. It’s available as an app and will show you vegan stores and cafes too.⁠
⭐️ If you’re just looking to grab and go, see where popular chains are such as Pret A Manger and M&S Food. Most towns, airports and service stations have at least one vegan-friendly chain. In fact, in 2018, the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation. So you can get familiar favourites wherever you are! ⁠
⭐️ You can also personally ask for recommendations on Facebook groups. Local vegans are always happy to point you in the right direction, so that you don’t go hungry. If you’re too impatient to wait for responses, try the search function to see if anybody has asked a similar question in the group recently.⁠
What do you do to stay organised when you're out and about?⁠
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  • Want to show people how delicious vegan food is?⁠
I remember going vegan and thinking I'd never be able to have cake or baked goods, because they had to have eggs in.⁠
Wrong again! Since then, I've discovered vegan meringues, brownies and all kinds of other goodies.⁠
I like to make these cookies! They're actually one of the first vegan desserts I made, which of course means they're very easy to do.⁠
They are perfect for school bakes, having guests over, or special occasions. ⁠
TOP TIP: Leave them in for a few extra minutes if you prefer them crunchy on the outside.⁠
120 g vegan butter⁠
100 g white sugar⁠
100 g brown sugar⁠
120 g plain flour⁠
1 tsp vanilla extract⁠
50 g cocoa powder⁠
1 tsp baking soda⁠
1 tbsp non-dairy milk⁠
1 Pinch salt⁠
100 g vegan chocolate chunks or chips⁠
1. Preheat oven to 180C.⁠
2. Add the butter, both sugars and vanilla to a bowl and mix thoroughly.⁠
3. Sift the flour and cocoa powder into a bowl, then add baking soda and salt. Mix together.⁠
4. Add the dry ingredients to the wet, and mix thoroughly.⁠
5. Add the chocolate and milk. Mix the dough – it should be sticky and thick.⁠
6. Roll the dough into small individual balls and put on a greased baking tray.⁠
7. Bake for 10 minutes until still soft in the middle. Take out of the oven and leave to firm up for 10 minutes.⁠
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  • Funday Sunday!⁠
Tell me...⁠
Which do you usually prefer?⁠
1. Starters⁠
2. Desserts⁠
And let me know why! Leave a comment with your choice.⁠
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  • We have some new content up, and it's a little different!⁠
Lauren, of @TheClutterFreeMama , has given us all a great introduction to sustainable living. ⁠
I don't know about you, but even as a vegan, I'm still learning about reducing waste, using more sustainable products, and being all-round more environmentally friendly.⁠
It can be a minefield, but Lauren's fantastic post gives us all a great introduction to the lifestyle, and the little things we can start doing today.⁠
Enjoy! Link is straight through my BIO.⁠
What do you do to minimise your impact? I'd love to know!⁠
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  • My negative and limiting mindset was one of the things that stopped me going fully vegan sooner. ⁠
And for those worrying about changing habits, I completely understand. It is a daunting prospect – we all have busy lives and routines that we like following. But it is do-able and completely worth it! Take it from somebody who is out on the other side of change – ⁠
You create a new normal. ⁠
Once I fully realised the horrors of the dairy and egg industry, and associated health risks, I knew I had to do it. Now I have good habits and healthy routines, that don’t involve cruelty. I’ve found new dishes at the takeaway that I actually enjoy more. I’ve learned to make my own ‘egg’ foo yung at home, which is very satisfying, and healthier! I’ve discovered Vego chocolate bars (heaven) and gorgeous vegan lunches. Life is great!⁠
As with getting rid of any habit, mindset is a huge player. Humans are emotional creatures! We make many decisions (especially in the moment) based on emotion rather than logic. If you’re not emotionally committed and prepared, the likelihood is that your new habit won’t last. We often adopt certain beliefs to justify keeping old habits. In the context of veganism, this could be “but I won’t get the nutrients I need” or “I can’t afford it”. ⁠
What’s yours? It’s important to challenge these limiting beliefs. Are they REALLY true?⁠
Let’s replace those beliefs with new ones – “I’ll be saving lives” or “I’ll be helping the environment for my grandchildren”. Being vegan really is a positive lifestyle choice.⁠
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