Lighter, Leaner & Loving Yourself! Program

Lighter, Leaner and Loving Yourself!
Would you love to shed those lbs, so you can feel sexy and confident in your own skin again?
Are you sick of not hitting your weight loss goal month after month?
Are you feeling like a failure and doubting yourself, because the weight won’t come off without restrictive, miserable dieting?
Are you scared of going another year being uncomfortable in your own skin, wearing baggy clothes and feeling powerless around food?
Would you love to feel like the sexy and confident one again, out on coffee dates in your favourite jeans?

I've Been There & I Overcame It

Who am I?

I’m Katy, Plant-Based Weight Loss Coach. At my heaviest point, I was 40lb from my ideal weight and struggling to do anything about it. My diet was just anything and everything – all of the junk and comfort food. I then tried ALL of the diets – low carb, one solid meal per day, 1200 calorie counting… all of the things that made me miserable and feeling like a big failure. I got to the point where I felt lost and beyond help… there was just no way out for me. Every time I saw myself in the mirror, I’d be picking out things that I despised and wanted to change. Does that sound familiar to you? 

How Did I Succeed?

I got past that by ditching diets for life. I worked with my own health coach – that support and accountability was a game-changer for me. I started to lose the weight with ease, loved what I was eating, and even cake wasn’t completely off the menu. I felt like my old self again, and I could eat snacks without going on a crazy binge. It was a world away from the old me, who would constantly be on alert around food and counting ingredients, relying on willpower to get me through.

I loved working with my health coach so much that I became one myself! I studied nutrition, sustainable weight loss and mindset strategies. No tiny portions, no calorie counting.

The eating habits and approach to food that I learned, that got me shedding those lbs AND feeling empowered and sexy again… they’re all in this program, ready for you too. 

As someone who’s also been through the diet cycle a million times, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader to hit those goals for good!

How fantastic would it feel to never have to go on a diet ever again?

noodle and green vegan soup
smoothie vegan

This Program…

Will give you the practical advice and meal advice around how to lose weight. AND… we actually incorporate healthy and fun habits into your everyday life so that you can keep that weight off for good.
You also have badass me in your corner – with weekly video calls, clear action steps, professional advice and accountability so you can’t tell yourself any excuses. We even work on your mindset, tackle limiting beliefs and get you feeling confident again so you never have to go back to hating your body and avoiding social situations. 

What people are saying...

Before working together…


“No matter what I do it’s not working. I’m ready to give up now.”
“It’s too hard to stay committed. I feel like a failure. What’s wrong with me?!”
“I always eat the whole packet of cookies. There’s never any moderation.”
“I’m turning down invites to go out because I hate how I look and don’t want to be judged. I want to feel like me again but I just don’t know how.”



After working together…

This is the program for you if...

💡 Sustainable weight loss is a priority for you, rather than fad diets.
💡 You’re happy to put the effort in, but just don’t know where to start with all of the information out there. Are you committed to reaching your goals?
💡 You’ve tried and failed before, so need that extra support and direction.
💡 You know weight loss isn’t a quick fix or magic potion – you’re willing to do the inner work and be honest about what’s stopped you until now.
💡 You want your body to look and feel its best again – going on coffee dates not afraid to have a slice of cake, feeling sexy and confident when socialising.
💡 You want to find out exactly what to do to be confident in your food choices, love your body and lose any stubborn pounds.


However! This isn’t a good fit for you if…


⛔️ You’re not willing to try new things.
⛔️ You’re not willing to work on your mindset.
⛔️ You’ll try to wriggle out of habit changes with excuses.
⛔️ You’re looking for a quick fix, strict diet plan or overnight transformation.
⛔️ You already eat whole food plant-based, and have no improvements to make or weight to lose.
NB: You absolutely don’t need to be vegan to succeed in this program (many clients aren’t) but you should be willing to eat more wholefoods and plants. 

By the time we 're done...

✅ You’ll be 20lb lighter and know exactly what to do to continue on your own.
Your body confidence will have skyrocketed – you’ll be happy and proud to walk down the street, instead of feeling worried about being judged and hiding under baggy clothes.
Eating well will come easy to you – no strict diet plans, huge cravings or late night binges. Food will no longer hold power over you!
Your energy levels will have increased, so you can do more than one thing in a day without feeling sluggish and tired. I’m talking about those half-finished home projects, trips out with your loved ones, loving exercise and excelling at hobbies!

When You Sign Up, You’ll Get…

1. 12 x 1 hour calls (one per week), where we address your struggles and celebrate your wins. These will come with actionable takeaways and written notes from me.  You’ll also get an additional 30 min catch up with me 1 month after you end the program, to review how you’re doing alone and make tweaks. 
2. Access to me between the weekly calls via Whatsapp. Accountability and support is hugely important, so you’ll be able to contact me in office hours for advice… or a pep talk if you’re tempted to go on a chocolate binge. This text access is unlimited!
3. Resources in a personalised portal to look at anytime, so you don’t lose traction between calls. This includes an emergency motivational toolkit, mindset activities, what to do if you hit a plateau, how to meal plan, recipes and videos. You’ll definitely want to try my snack bars and easy Pad Thai that rivals Wagamamas! I’ll be creating and adding things just for you as we go along. The portal will be yours for good – beyond the 12 week program, so you can give yourself a refresher at any time. 

What We Cover Every Week:

1. Identifying what habits are causing weight gain. What triggers and patterns do you have? We make plans to tackle these, discovering how to get and keep consistent with your new habits.
2. Looking at good nutrition, delicious meals for weight loss, meal planning/prep, and how we can fill the plate up without affecting goals. You have access to easy options for each meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack). I will create any shopping lists, recipes or meal plans required throughout the program, to suit your individual needs.  
3. How your daily routines look, and how we can optimise them for success and enjoyment. How can you stay consistent, even when you’re stressed or busy?
4. Mindset work. Such as: tackling limiting beliefs, visualisation exercises, creating a vision board, book recommendations, developing a growth mindset, access to your own positive affirmations.

(NB: this does vary depending on your specific needs and struggles)

``ok katy, i'm thinking about it!``

Does this all sound dreamy to you but you’re unsure?
I feel you! As busy women, we often struggle to spend time, energy and money on ourselves. We’re always prioritising others. There was a time I never would have dreamed of investing in a coach!
Like you, there came a point where I said enough was enough.
I was sick of feeling like a failure with nowhere to turn. Tired of wearing baggy clothes and declining social invites because I was so self-conscious. Fed up of going on a restrictive fad diet… and then giving up and binge eating packets of Oreos (yep, that happened a lot!). Avoiding full length mirrors and getting changed quickly so I didn’t have to look.
But I was also sceptical at investing in a coach because other things hadn’t worked. Having so much doubt and frustration at myself and the diet industry, coaching seemed too good to be true.
Hiring a plant-based health coach all those years ago changed my life immensely. It wasn’t easy – she challenged me, forced me to be honest with myself – but I learned and gained so much. The experience was so fantastic that I trained and became a coach myself! I can’t give a higher recommendation than that.
You deserve this too!
I know exactly how you feel, and I want to teach you a better way. If you can put aside time to work through this program and have faith in yourself and me, you can change your life. I changed my life with these methods, and many clients’ too. Invest now, so you don’t have to spend money on diet products or meal plans ever again.
With these program, you get proven results. I’ve worked with clients that have struggled with eating habits for decades, tried every diet on the market, and felt like there was no hope left for them.
If you invest now, you won’t need any other programs, diets or to make the same resolutions as you did last January.
Are you in?

The Investment

Let’s get you shedding those lbs with ease and off miserable diets forever!
Ready to release the weight? LET’S DO IT!
Oh no! One bonus just expired – you missed it!
I’ll release more bonuses as the launch goes on. The earlier you sign up, the more bonuses you receive. Once they’re gone that’s it!

NB: Enrolment ends 25th Feb latest, but all 4 spots are very likely to be snapped up before then. This happened within a week during my last intake!




One payment


Today, then 2 payments of £230
Have questions about the program? Let's jump on a quick call to see if it is a good fit for you.

*Find out more about spreading the cost.

*Once you sign up, you’ll get a link to my calendar to book your calls on a day and time that works best for you. 


Let’s get you shedding those lbs with ease and off miserable diets forever!
Ready to release the weight? LET’S DO IT!



One payment





Then 2 payments of £230


Have questions about the program? Let's jump on a quick call to see if it is a good fit for you.

*Find out more about spreading the cost.

*Once you sign up, you’ll get a link to my calendar to book your calls on a day and time that works best for you.