A Confidence-Building Children’s Book for Our Littlest Vegans.

“Dash! Zoom! Kick! Jump! Elizabeth wants to be a superhero when she grows up. But does she have what it takes? Through vibrant illustrations and playful rhymes, I’m a Supervegan uses the wonder of childhood imagination to show Elizabeth’s journey through self-doubt. In the end, Elizabeth realizes that by eating plants and making compassionate choices, she is brave, caring, and smart. She’s been a supervegan all along!” – blurb.

I'm a supervegan, vegan children's book

‘I’m A Supervegan’ is a short book for young children, with the aim of showing them that being vegan is caring, smart and brave. The author Katie Clark has her own two little supervegans and homeschools them, so is perfectly placed to tackle this topic. She really wanted to create a book that made young children feel empowered and confident through their choice to be vegan. I think she’s succeeded!

The book was fun to go through as an adult, had lots of talking points on each page, and was a useful tool to talk about our lifestyle.

But forget about me, what did my daughter think of the book? At first, she was a little confused by the term supervegan, mainly because she’s 3 and we don’t really use the word vegan around the house a lot – everything in our house is vegan anyway! So I spent a little time explaining what vegan meant. Obviously, older children would most likely understand this concept. As we opened the book and went through it, my daughter immediately took to the characters and theme. She loved the bright colours and illustrations on each page. She took great delight in identifying the ways that she as similar to the little girl – like recycling, looking after animals, and checking that foods were veggie. We also spent time naming all of the foods and animals featured in the story.

The book obviously made an impression with my little girl, as she’s mentioned elements of it since. She’s also taken to saying she’s a superhero, complete with pants on her head and socks on her hands!

I'm a supervegan, vegan children's book


I think it’s really important for children to feel confident in the way they grow up, the choices they make and lifestyle they lead – whether it’s mainstream or not. I’ve seen books addressing confidence in religion before, but never veganism. It’s crucial for children growing up vegan and vegetarian (and remember, that includes kids with allergies too, who have no choice over their diet) to be able to explain with conviction, why they may be a little different to their friends. My daughter is vegetarian (vegan at home and nursery) – because she’s only 3, eating a little healthier and differently to her friends hasn’t been noticeable to her as of yet. It’s simply our version of normal. But as she gets older (presuming she stays veggie or vegan), I hope she feels brave enough to explain to other children why she has chosen this lifestyle, but without berating or alienating her friends along the way. This book has a great balance and is a breath of fresh air!

After reading the book with my almost-4-year-old, I’d say the book is ideal for ages 3-6. It’s relatively short and easy to understand, making it a great first step into exploring veganism with little ones. There’s also a little bonus recipe at the back of the book – I’ll let you discover that for yourself!

Think the book sounds good? You can buy a copy here or take a further look inside the book.

NB: I received a free copy of ‘I’m A Supervegan’ in exchange for an honest review. I hope you like it!

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