Action Plan: From Junk Food Mom To Nourished Vegan!

Action Plan: From Junk Food Mom To Nourished Vegan!

Get 5 easy steps you can follow right now, to ditch the junk food for good and feel like a nourished vegan mom. Best bit? It’s free!

Start your journey to ditch the junk today.

I’m sharing 5 steps I used as a vegan mom to get rid of convenience foods, lose 28lb, have brighter skin and more energy!

I’m Katy, mum of two girls and vegan for 7 years. 

I feel you. You think you’re too busy with the kids to think of yourself. You grab snacks on the go, and bung freezer food in the oven because it’s easy. I’ve been there too! In fact, today I had a 5 year old asking me 5000 questions while I made lunch, and a 9 month old crawling through the kitchen trying to touch the oven. I don’t have time for healthy meals that involve 20 ingredients and take 45 minutes to arrange.

Despite having the crazy life of a busy mom, I live without convenience foods, prep easy healthy meals.. and most importantly, I enjoy it too!

So how exactly do I manage to stay healthy without resorting to the junk food? I created a simple action plan to get you started!

Yes! I want to feel better in my body and make simple healthy meals for my family.