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Hello Lovely Newcomer!

When I first went vegan, it seemed like things were so much more complicated than they actually were. Recommendations to go to specialist food shops, recipes with pages of ingredients, poor labelling in the supermarkets, and being bombarded with conflicting ‘advice’.

One time, I ate dairy ice cream by mistake and felt like my stomach would cave in afterwards. It took an entire day to feel better! It also played on my conscience, thinking about the poor animals and what I could have done better.

I don’t want you to feel any of these things!

That’s why I created this ‘Easy Being Vegan’ pack to get you started.

I’ve used all of these resources myself. They’ve been developed after 6 years of experience and striving to make veganism as stress-free as possible. Hooray!

Where are you on your vegan journey?

Curious about it? Ready to get started? Are you a new vegan who needs help staying vegan long-term? This is absolutely the resource for you.

What you’ll get:


  •  A printable starter shopping list.
  •  Simple 7-day meal plan with the EASIEST and most delicious recipes!
  •  A guide to staying vegan long-term, with personal action points to keep you on track.

And as a BONUS:

  • My favourite vegan swaps for dairy and eggs – all found in the supermarket!


I’ll include one more extra, so what are you waiting for?

Yes, I’d love help going vegan in a simple, convenient way.

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