It’s summer, and the school holidays are upon us.

I’m not sure about you, but when the summer holidays are upon us, routines get a little crazy. We seem to either have a day of rushing about on the move, or a complete day in the house with a load of time to prep meals and bake.

I’ve been looking for some great child-friendly recipes for the summer, to help keep my little girl nourished and energised while we take part in various activities when out and about. Making food is also a great activity to pass the time and learn new skills. My daughter loves being in the kitchen, helping to make meals and treats. It also makes her more likely to eat the end result – a great way to get those veggies in!

Here are some of the great child-friendly recipes for summer I’ve found… do give them a try, and let your little one help out with the prep!


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Savoury Vegan Meals for Kids

Cucumber Houmous Bites – 

How cute are these? The kids won’t be able to resist them… and neither could I! These bites make perfect appetizers or BBQ snacks. Thanks to Drive Me Hungry for this lovely addition.

vegan-cucumber-hummus-bites-4 from drive me hungry

Cucumber Houmous Bites

Mexican Pasta Salad – 

This lunch idea has only 7 ingredients, and takes 10 minutes to make, so great for a quick rustle-up. All of the recipes from ‘Strength and Sunshine’ are allergy-friendly, and this one has a great hit of protein too.

Air Fryer Popcorn Tofu

Air Fryer Popcorn Tofu

Air Fryer Popcorn Tofu –

Movie night, anyone? This one is a little more complex, but SO worth the effort! Just check out the finished result. The kids will go crazy for these and you can rest assured that they’re not full of oil and nasties. Thank you ‘V Nutrition’ for such a lovely snack.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi –

Sounds complex, but it only has 4 ingredients. This healthy recipe from ‘My Pure Plants’ is high in Vitamin A and very visually pleasing too – just check out that colour!

Ramen Noodle Salad – 

Another great dish from ‘V Nutrition’ is this fab noodle salad. No lettuce in sight, so less chance of the little ones turning their nose up at it! This lunch recipe is full of colour.

Buffalo Patty – 

I love how filling this burger looks! It’s healthy and holds together really well. Children would love to help with making the patties. You could even make bite-size versions for toddlers. Thank you to ‘The Vegan Gloss’.

vegetarian-chilli-vegetarian-meal-ideas from ami rose recipe for kid blog post

Vegetarian Chilli

Vegetarian Chilli –

This dish is ideal for older kids who like a little spice. It’s also a great way to teach them a simple dinner recipe for when they become more independent – sob! Thanks to Ami Rose for this easy creation.

Snack Plates – 

Looking for something customizable? Snack plates make a great lunch or grazing platter for lazy craft afternoons in the house. Realistic Plant-Based Mama has some fab suggestions for what to include on them.

Macaroni Cheese – 

If your child is anything like mine, they love pasta and cheese. This easy recipe from your favourite vegan (me!) should be a hit with the whole family.

vegan macaroni cheese

Macaroni Cheese

Sweet Vegan Dishes for Kids

Vegan Chocolate Popsicles – 

So summery! These frozen treats from ‘This Wife Cooks’ have only 3 ingredients, and include hidden tofu goodness. A perfect simple recipe to get the kids involved in.

choc chip chickpea cookies for blog post from with extra veg

Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies

Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies –

Yes – chickpeas, and yes – they are still delicious! This recipe from ‘With Extra Veg’ is nut-free and oil-free, so they’re also ideal for taking to school in September. It’s also really fun getting your kids to say the name of this dessert quickly!

Vegan Blueberry Muffins – 

These muffins are easy on the eye, and have no added sugar – so are perfect for toddlers and baby-led weaning too! This pud from ‘Mrs Jones’s Kitchen’ is naturally sweet with no complex ingredients.

Lemon Poppy Seeds Pancakes – 

These look so good! Kids love putting the toppings on pancakes, creating faces and shapes, so it’s a great idea for a snack/activity to keep them occupied at the table for a while. Thank you to ‘Twenty-Something and Blooming’ for sharing this.

Lemon and Elderflower Ice Lollies

Lemon and Elderflower Ice Lollies

Lemon and Elderflower Ice Lollies – 

Fancy lollies for impressing guests over the summer! The little ones can help to make them, enjoy them… but they’re perfect for us grown-ups too! Huge thanks to ‘Vegan On Board’ for this refreshing treat we can all enjoy.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies – 

These gorgeous cookies from ‘A Baking Journey’ are genius! No oven required which means no burnt little fingers! There are only 4 ingredients needed, plus they’re also gluten-free.

Raw Fruit Cake – 

Looking for an impressive cake with plenty of nutrients, but not packed with refined sugar? We got you! This gorgeous fruit and nut cake from ‘Veronika Honestly’ ticks every box, without the unhealthy mum-guilt afterwards.

Peanut Butter Protein Balls – 

I’m loving these for a quick snack on the go – they’re deceptively filling! Alexis D Lee has created a great bitesize protein punch – but do remember to substitute the honey for maple syrup.

Looking for more summer holiday meal inspiration?

Do go and check out ‘The Fat Vegan Baby’ Facebook page. Chelsea posts many healthy meal ideas for children that are all vegan.

There are also two great vegan cookbooks for children that I would recommend – ‘The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids‘ and ‘My First Vegan Cookbook‘.

Do you have a summery, child-friendly meal to offer? Let us know in the comments and share the love!

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  • ⭐️ Keeping Organised as a New Vegan ⭐️⁠
As a meat-eater, it was probably easy to get by without thinking about meals in advance. You could grab a snack from wherever, or grab takeout on the way home. But thinking in advance helps us all out. It means we eat more healthy, save money on random snacks and meals, and can do some time-saving meal prep in advance!⁠
⭐️ Consider where you will be for the next few days at mealtimes, and plan accordingly. Factor drinks and snacks in too – I always have an extra something stashed in my bag, just in case I’m out later than usual! ⁠
⭐️ If you’re somewhere new, looking up restaurants online beforehand can help. Check out Tripadvisor – just enter ‘vegan-friendly (TOWN)’ in their search bar, and you should easily find where the plant-based people are going. Then you can narrow the options right down to your path of driving or walking. HappyCow Vegan Guide is also a great website that pinpoints vegan options near to you. It’s available as an app and will show you vegan stores and cafes too.⁠
⭐️ If you’re just looking to grab and go, see where popular chains are such as Pret A Manger and M&S Food. Most towns, airports and service stations have at least one vegan-friendly chain. In fact, in 2018, the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation. So you can get familiar favourites wherever you are! ⁠
⭐️ You can also personally ask for recommendations on Facebook groups. Local vegans are always happy to point you in the right direction, so that you don’t go hungry. If you’re too impatient to wait for responses, try the search function to see if anybody has asked a similar question in the group recently.⁠
What do you do to stay organised when you're out and about?⁠
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  • Want to show people how delicious vegan food is?⁠
I remember going vegan and thinking I'd never be able to have cake or baked goods, because they had to have eggs in.⁠
Wrong again! Since then, I've discovered vegan meringues, brownies and all kinds of other goodies.⁠
I like to make these cookies! They're actually one of the first vegan desserts I made, which of course means they're very easy to do.⁠
They are perfect for school bakes, having guests over, or special occasions. ⁠
TOP TIP: Leave them in for a few extra minutes if you prefer them crunchy on the outside.⁠
120 g vegan butter⁠
100 g white sugar⁠
100 g brown sugar⁠
120 g plain flour⁠
1 tsp vanilla extract⁠
50 g cocoa powder⁠
1 tsp baking soda⁠
1 tbsp non-dairy milk⁠
1 Pinch salt⁠
100 g vegan chocolate chunks or chips⁠
1. Preheat oven to 180C.⁠
2. Add the butter, both sugars and vanilla to a bowl and mix thoroughly.⁠
3. Sift the flour and cocoa powder into a bowl, then add baking soda and salt. Mix together.⁠
4. Add the dry ingredients to the wet, and mix thoroughly.⁠
5. Add the chocolate and milk. Mix the dough – it should be sticky and thick.⁠
6. Roll the dough into small individual balls and put on a greased baking tray.⁠
7. Bake for 10 minutes until still soft in the middle. Take out of the oven and leave to firm up for 10 minutes.⁠
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  • Funday Sunday!⁠
Tell me...⁠
Which do you usually prefer?⁠
1. Starters⁠
2. Desserts⁠
And let me know why! Leave a comment with your choice.⁠
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  • We have some new content up, and it's a little different!⁠
Lauren, of @TheClutterFreeMama , has given us all a great introduction to sustainable living. ⁠
I don't know about you, but even as a vegan, I'm still learning about reducing waste, using more sustainable products, and being all-round more environmentally friendly.⁠
It can be a minefield, but Lauren's fantastic post gives us all a great introduction to the lifestyle, and the little things we can start doing today.⁠
Enjoy! Link is straight through my BIO.⁠
What do you do to minimise your impact? I'd love to know!⁠
#sustainableliving #vegans #veganlife #veganliving #sustainablelife #sustainablehome #sustainablefood #sustainablefuture #sustainableblogger #zerowastevegan #zerowastetips #zerowastegoals #zerowastelife #environmentallyfriendly #govegannow #veganfortheplanet #veganfortheenvironment #govegans #plasticfreeliving #plasticfreelife #plasticfreeuk #planetorplastic #foodwaste #newvegan #vegancommunity #veganiseasy #veganinspiration #beginners #savetheearth #savetheseas ⁠
  • My negative and limiting mindset was one of the things that stopped me going fully vegan sooner. ⁠
And for those worrying about changing habits, I completely understand. It is a daunting prospect – we all have busy lives and routines that we like following. But it is do-able and completely worth it! Take it from somebody who is out on the other side of change – ⁠
You create a new normal. ⁠
Once I fully realised the horrors of the dairy and egg industry, and associated health risks, I knew I had to do it. Now I have good habits and healthy routines, that don’t involve cruelty. I’ve found new dishes at the takeaway that I actually enjoy more. I’ve learned to make my own ‘egg’ foo yung at home, which is very satisfying, and healthier! I’ve discovered Vego chocolate bars (heaven) and gorgeous vegan lunches. Life is great!⁠
As with getting rid of any habit, mindset is a huge player. Humans are emotional creatures! We make many decisions (especially in the moment) based on emotion rather than logic. If you’re not emotionally committed and prepared, the likelihood is that your new habit won’t last. We often adopt certain beliefs to justify keeping old habits. In the context of veganism, this could be “but I won’t get the nutrients I need” or “I can’t afford it”. ⁠
What’s yours? It’s important to challenge these limiting beliefs. Are they REALLY true?⁠
Let’s replace those beliefs with new ones – “I’ll be saving lives” or “I’ll be helping the environment for my grandchildren”. Being vegan really is a positive lifestyle choice.⁠
#newvegan #learnervegan #veganbeginner #vegancommunity #vegetarians #veggielife #veggielove #veganhelp #vegansupport #dairyfree #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #meatfree #meatless #veganbuys  #animallover #friendsnotfood #veganwannabe #vegannewbie #goingvegan #beingvegan #almostvegan #veganuk #ukvegans #ukvegan #vegansofig #flexitarian #vegetarianuk #vegetarianlife #veganaf
  • Going vegan didn't come easy to me. I wasn't an overnighter - I didn't just click and make the connection. ⁠
It took trial and error, different research studies, insights into the animal industries and a lot of negative mindset.⁠
I transitioned over around 6 months, even though I was already vegetarian. I was googling things several times per day, reading conflicting information, making unnecessary mistakes. ⁠
Even a few months into going vegan, I remember buying a bag of crisps without checking the label. When I got home I saw that they had milk in them. I really beat myself up, thinking about the dairy industry and how I'd just paid for this item. ⁠
It took me a while to get out of that mindset, be easy on myself, and realise that I was only human. In reality, I was doing a lot more for the cause than most!⁠
This might surprise some people who didn't know me 6 years ago. Now, I feel like I know a lot of things about veganism - although we're still all learning, aren't we? I'm comfortable talking about it and helping others.⁠
That's why I created Learner Vegan. To provide free resources, and make going vegan, simple, convenient and stress-free. ⁠
There's also the bespoke side for those who need a little extra help. I wish I'd had someone personally there for me when transitioning, to cut out all the google searches and going around in circles. ⁠
That's why I decided to launch coaching. To provide 121 support on YOUR specific life, situations and issues.⁠
I've been through a healthy plant-based diet, eating gluten-free, vegan pregnancies, living with a meat-eater and a lot more. ⁠
Troubleshooting with someone is much more effective than spending hours on the internet, plus it's a lot of fun!⁠
Who needs this?⁠
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