I want to chat about cheat days! Mainly the many reasons why these alluring days full of pizza and cake, just don’t work for health and weight loss.

It’s 8 minutes long – give it a watch!

Video summary:

  • Cheat days rarely lead to a calorie deficit, which is vital to lose weight. We usually underestimate how many calorie we consume on cheat days
  • What you consume over the course of a week and month matters, rather than just looking at days in isolation.
  • You’re more likely to engage in binge eating behaviour past the cheat day. It’s much harder to revert to your ‘diet’.
  • It affects our long term relationship with food.
  • We become obsessed with counting down to our cheat days and rely on them for enjoyment – food holds a power over us.

Ever done cheat days? I’d love to hear about your experience – please share in the comments section.

Watch Right Here:

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