A quick note…

Just a heads up – this isn’t going to be one of these posts that berates you for being vegetarian. I don’t guilt trip, or point out shortfalls. We’ve all heard that before. And let’s face it, if you’re reading this now as a vegetarian, it hasn’t worked on you in the past!

My Experience As A Vegetarian

As a vegetarian for around 12 years, I can completely relate to the lifestyle and

katy learner vegan with horse

As a vegetarian

diet. Through my teen years (I went veggie at age 12) and early twenties, I didn’t really understand veganism properly. I had no idea about what went on in the egg or milk industry. I figured that these products were just made by the animals anyway – chickens laid eggs, cows produced milk. So why not use them? It’s not like it was actual animal meat. Nobody was dying… right? It was hard enough being vegetarian at that time. The lifestyle wasn’t really mainstream enough then, I was the only veggie in class, plus I was going through the turbulent, hormonal teen years. I just wasn’t ready to explore another lifestyle.

I’ll be honest… part of me cringes writing this. Mainly because I was so uneducated about what I was putting into my body, even though I was more aware than my peers about the food industry. When I came across snippets about the cruelty in these industries, I thought it must be either vegan propaganda, or something that only happened on the very worst farms. I ate a lot of free-range and organic produce, so that couldn’t be happening with the food I was eating. I wasn’t a part of that, because I wasn’t actively killing.

Discovering The Truth

I really was though. Yes, unintentionally. Yes, unwillingly. But I was demanding the food and somebody was supplying it to me. Animals still died, still suffered, because I ate cheese, eggs and the rest of it. If you’ve seen my About Me page, you’ll know that I was truly introduced to veganism when I met my first vegan in real life. She made it all look so easy, and that was my turning point. I started to do my own, impartial research on the food industries. I sought out research and case studies that were objective (neither funded by the farming industry or vegan organisations). I tried out various plant milks. It was a gradual change, but I embraced it.

One lovely person sparked a change in my outlook. So let me be THAT vegan for you.

The world is yours nowMake A Change

I hope you find Learner Vegan useful. I don’t guilt trip, I don’t force people to go vegan overnight, I don’t judge you for falling off the wagon. I also rarely use graphic videos (and certainly not without fore-warning). There’s enough footage out there on the internet, if you want to watch the horrors.

What I do offer are facts, support systems, and a friendly encouraging face. I tell the truth, do our research, and let you make a decision. In essence, I guide you through it. I explain things in the simplest way, but also offer sources and research should you wish to know more detail.

So if you are vegetarian right now, please do have a browse over the site. Because chances are, if you’re vegetarian already, you either care about your health or animals. You might be pleasantly surprised at how steps towards veganism can help both of those things.

Maybe you feel that you could go vegan one day per week. Perhaps you could go and find a plant-based milk you like. If you’re into beauty, make the swap to cruelty-free products. There are so many small steps we can all take to live a kinder life.

I hope you stick with me for your compassionate journey… whatever form it may take.


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